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team beachbody coaching scamI just wanted to let you know about two exciting things that are happening in the Beachbody business and with my top Beachbody team this week. First, P90X-2 is being released for pre-orders and I am spending the week helping my Beachbody Coaches learn how to Sell P90X and P90X2 in order to take advantage of this HUGE event.

“An estimated $65 million in Beachbody coach commissions alone
will be made over the next few months with the release of P90X2.”

And, even if you haven’t joined the Beachbody business yet, it’s not too late…get started (before September 1st) and I will show you exactly what to do in order to get your cut of that 65 million ; )


I’m starting a 90 Days to Diamond training group. Now, it may be too early for you to join the group this time around, but…many of my Beachbody team leaders (that you will fall under) will be building their businesses like never before! This is what sets my Beachbody team apart from the rest – once I teach you everything you need to know about exactly how to build the Beachbody business, I then help you take it to the next level.

I guarantee that becoming a Beachbody Coach is something you won’t regret.

Is Becoming a Beachbody Coach a Scam?

beachbody coaching business scam

There are 3 Simple Ways to Confirm that
Becoming a Beachbody Coach is Not a Scam

First and foremost…the Beachbody business is not only a member of the Better Business Bureau (BBB), but they have an A+ rating with them. That’s right, not an A…but an A+! Learn how this disproves the “Beachbody Coach Scam” theory and benefits those who become a Beachbody Coach

Secondly…CNBC recently ran a story on the legitimacy of the Beachbody business opportunity and in it they concluded that a “Beachbody Coach Scam” does not exist. In fact, they stated that it appears the Beachbody business will not slow down anytime soon and that their network marketing approach will pay off very nicely for those who choose to become a Beachbody Coach.

And most recently…the Beachbody business was just recently recognized as an advocate of the Presidential Active Lifestyle Award (PALA) which was created by the Presidential Council on Fitness. I guarantee if they thought in any way that it was a “Beachbody Coach Scam” they would have never given us this prestigious recognition!

So although these facts clearly indicate that the Beachbody coaching opportunity is not a scam, for me, the most important factor in knowing that becoming a Beachbody Coach is legitimate, is my own personal experience over the last 3 years. Not only has my income increased and my body fat decreased, but so has the income and weight of the hundreds of people I have introduced to the Beachbody business. With all my heart I believe in Carl Daikler and his mission to help people get financially and physically fit with Team Beachbody.

My Top Beachbody Team Leaders and I are Excited to Help You Become a Beachbody Coach!

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