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Below is an email Brett Blake, the Executive
Vice President & Managing Director of Team Beachbody,
sent to the team leaders of the Beachbody business opportunity.

I think you will enjoy the perspective it gives on
why so many people are becoming Beachbody Coaches


Can I just tell you how bright our future is? Mr Jeff Hill joined us about a year ago and at the time we had around 300 employees. We now have more than 620 and are at a full sprint to hire more. In the Network, we have grown from less than 10% of company sales when I started in January 2010 to 30.9% in 2011 (that is incredible growth if you think about how bad the economy has been). We are well on our way to seeing the future that Carl has been driving toward — when Beachbody is primarily a network marketing company supported by a strong television presence.

We will be among the top 100 companies in the direct selling industry as we close out this year with sales considerably above $100 million — this during a year where I suspect (based on credible sources) that the industry will experience one of the worst declines in sales in its history.

We have attracted outstanding people to our team and have been able to choose who we want on our team (we’ve had more than a half a dozen CEOs of other direct selling companies apply for positions within the company this past year or so) and have not lost one person. We are more united in our vision — both within the network and between the network and the rest of the company. We have truly moved from good to great on the people side.

Carl’s product pipeline is stronger than ever before in our history. We have amazing plans to turn the BB Challenge into a unified marketing campaign that could blow the lid off the referral program, we are now working on a Coach infomercial, and we are extremely bullish about our ability to deliver significant improvements to the business opportunity in 2012 (both in your ability to earn and in the systems to support you).

Carl has put his money where is mouth is, investing more than $25 million in technology improvements that are no longer in the planning stage, but are actually under way with the first major supporting modules successfully deployed recently. The company is debt free and we are CASH rich. Never have I worked for a company willing to invest ‘whatever it takes’ to drive growth like Beachbody.

We are all taking on a heavy load now as we deal with competitors who want Coaches like you promoting their product and opportunity, AND as we undertake the task of further refining our business model and pioneering a “natural networking” model that has the potential of driving our future sales well into the billions.

Let’s not allow the weight of the tasks at hand allow us to take our eye of the bigger picture — which is bigger and brighter than any of us have contemplated to date.

I’m so impressed with the Coaches we’ve attracted and with your commitment and leadership. We’ve come along way, but we have hardly scratched the surface of our potential.

Buckle up!

I encourage you to take the next step and email me
your questions about the Beachbody business opportunity.

Or, become a Beachbody Coach on our top team

…so that I can help you benefit from Team Beachbody’s future growth!



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