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Can you imagine benefiting from a “Top 10” home based business (from a nationally known and very well respected company) that is expected to grow like this!

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So…secure a free position “above the one million people” who will start working from home with Beachbody over the next 100+ years.

Or…at least contact me and/or stay tuned because, as you can see below, there are big announcements coming about how you can make money with Beachbody by selling P90X.

Final Diamond Call of 2009

It ain’t over ’til . . . Team Beachbody® SVP Brett Blake sings on the last Diamond Call of 2010. We’ve got so many big announcements to make, so many secrets to reveal. And way too little time. But one thing’s for sure: This will be the most robust Diamond Call we’ve ever done.

I’ll be on the call and will be posting the announcements here!

Nationwide Super Saturday Event on January 8th

WE’LL be throwin’ the biggest, baddest Team Beachbody® kickoff event in history. We’re talkin’ hundreds of Super Saturdays happening at the same time and with the same mission all across the USA. The idea is to rip into the New Year, get started right, and preview all the things that’ll make 2011 even bigger than 2010—as one Team. That means you can expect some major announcements, such as all the new Success Club and Elite programs, 2012 Coach destinations, bigger and better rewards, next generation contests, Hispanic market launch details, and way more. Plus, we’ll be sending surprise corporate visitors to help host select events—including Carl Daikeler, Brett Blake, Michael Neimand, Craig Holiday, and a whole bunch more.

Become a Beachbody Coach for FREE today so that over the next month…
you can see for yourself how incredible it is to work from home with Team Beachbody.

On a conference call this past Monday, I listened to a stay at home mom talk about how she used Facebook and Twitter to quickly create a $1200 a week income in Beachbody’s Home Business.
(Yes, $1200 a “week”, not a month.)

It was an amazing call that made me realize that anyone can make money with the Beachbody MLM business opportunity. So, if you decide to become a Beachbody coach, I will send you an email with a link to where you can not only listen to that call, but where you can also watch a Beachbody training video by Chalene Johnson (TurboJam) on why and how she uses social media. It is awesome! (Like all of Beachbody’s Business trainings.)

I personally had been avoiding Facebook, but after listening to this call, I couldn’t build a Facebook Profile fast enough. But, I want to do it correctly the first time. So, I did some deeper research on “how” to properly set up and use Facebook to build a business. There is a ton of information on it; but, a friend of mine who is a “huge” Facebook network marketer (has 80,000 people in her down-line), said that
this is the best training on it, because it walks you through it, step by step, in videos…

Click Here to Get the: Free “Facebook Marketing” Video and E-book


The video that shows you exactly how (and how NOT to) set up your Facebook Profile and Fan Pages for marketing (as well as, how to find & add the “right” people as friends) is sort of hidden (probably since there is no cost for it.) FYI: I took 2 pages of notes – it was exactly what I was looking for!

Therefore, Here is How You Find It…

– Enter your email address on this page
– Check your Inbox and confirm your subscription
– You can watch the welcome video if you want, but…
– BE SURE to click on the right hand box that says, “Your Network Kick Start Kit”< It is by far the best video for showing you “step by step” how to build any MLM business using Facebook. Facebook is now bigger than Google so you can’t afford to not be using it-correctly!
(Plus, it is much easier and cheaper – yea!)

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