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Team Beachbody Business Opportunity Update

become a beachbody coachBreaking Beachbody Home Business News:

1) In the May Issue of “O” Magazine is an incredible article about how the co-creator of Shakeology travels the world to find the purest and highest quality “super foods.” He outlines the amazing benefits that these (virtually unknown) plants, herbs and spices have on your body. It is a must read for anyone who wants to sell Shakeology. Super Food Ingredients in Shakeology (and ALL of their benefits!)

2) My friends and fellow Beachbody Coaches, Robert and Mark, were featured on The Today Show with Tony Horton showing 5 P90X signature moves for a beach-ready body. Publicity like this makes it easy to sell P90X.

Beachbody Product News:

1) Insanity: The Asylum is Available!

2) Cast your vote and/or enter The Million Dollar Body Contest to win $5,000-$25,000. You don’t have to become a Beachbody Coach to make money with Team Beachbody!

Beachbody Business Opportunity News:

1) April 9th was our National Super Saturday Event and many exciting announcements were made about the future of Beachbody’s home business opportunity.

2) Many of you have been asking what it means to be a Beachbody Coach. You don’t have to be an expert and anyone can do it. A Beachbody Coach is simply someone who believes in Beachbody’s products and wants to help others get healthy and fit by using them. Plus, you get a 25% discount on Beachbody products.

As always, please let me know how I can help you succeed in Beachbody’s MLM!

Beachbody MLMDid you know that the Beachbody MLM has already been ranked as a Top 10 home business opportunity? And we are just getting started!

< — Look at the Projected Growth of the Beachbody MLM Opportunity!

Below are a Few Reasons I Believe
the Team Beachbody MLM Opportunity is Headed to the #1 Spot…

1) The Beachbody MLM is Backed by Solid Company



As a 12 year old, well respected company, the Beachbody business opportunity has A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau! But…as you can see from the chart above, the Beachbody MLM division of the company is still ground floor.

2) When You Become a Beachbody Coach, You Offer Household Name Products


I guarantee many of your family and friends will buy Beachbody products this year; why not allow them to purchase Shakeology, P90X, TurboFire, Insanity, etc…from you!

3) Our Beachbody Business Leadership is Unparalleled

Just watch this video of CEO Carl Daikeler explaining the Beachbody MLM…enough said!

4) My Beachbody MLM Training Blog

Anyone can make money as a Beachbody Coach by following my step-by-step system!


Watch this video to see how I will help you take full advantage of the Beachbody MLM Customer Lead Program

I am proud to be a Beachbody Top Coach, on one of the best Beachbody Teams,
and I am excited to help you
make money with Beachbody!

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