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Updates for Those Considering Becoming a Beachbody Coach

make money as beachbody coachHello everyone! I have a few updates to share about the Beachbody Business, and about becoming a Beachbody Coach on my team

1. Thank you for being patient with me Friday through Monday as we celebrated Jeff’s birthday and had a crazy busy long weekend. I am now officially caught up, so please let me know what I can do to help you.

2. Starting next week, canadian residents will be able to become Beachbody Coaches! You can learn all of the details on this blog post I made yesterday: Beachbody Business Opens in Canada! Are UK Beachbody Coaches Next?

PLUS: This is a HUGE reminder of why Beachbody’s lead programs are so amazing. For years, Beachbody has been collecting the contact information of people from other countries who want to become a Beachbody Coach. So…as the Beachbody business becomes available around the world, they will enroll those people and then GIVE THEM to those of us who are Diamond or above. Crazy! Beachbody will literally start building our International teams for us!

3. The new Dan Cortese Beachbody Challenge Video is awesome and it will make sharing Beachbody’s fitness programs, tools and resources, and Shakeology very simple. I love simple!

4. You can now get an image to show up next your website on Google Search Listings. This will be huge for our team, as it will attract more people to visit our blogs/videos/websites. I followed the steps and within a week my picture was showing next to some of my listings on Google! Check it out by doing a Google search for: beachbody business opportunity As I said, I think this is going to be a huge advantage for our team, and so I have already added the simple instructions on how to do it, on my team training blog.

If you are ready to start a Beachbody business, I am ready to help you succeed!

Holly Blochowitz
Beachbody Top Coach & Team Leader
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Beachbody business in CanadaYep, it’s true! The announcement Beachbody will offically make this Saturday is that Canadian residents can become Beachbody Coaches starting October 1, 2012

Beachbody’s mission is to ‘End the Trend of Obesity, by giving them the tools and support they need to reach their goals and live strong, healthy lives. And, that mission is not limited to only the United States. In fact, the Beachbody Coach Business opening in Canada is just the beginning of our International expansion.

Click Here if You are Interested in Learning More about…
Becoming a Beachbody Coach in the UK, Mexico, Ireland, etc.

(Anywhere Other than Canada or the USA)

However, there are a few stipulations that Canadian residents need to fully understand, so please read this Frequently Asked Questions document very carefully:

Beachbody Business Opportunity Pre-Launch in Canada FAQ

how to become a beachbody coach in Canada

As Beachbody Business Team Leaders, we are ready to help new Beachbody Coaches in Canada, the UK, Mexico, etc. succeed as soon as they join our team. As with all people who are thinking about becoming a Beachbody Coach, it is important you know that my goal is help you make money quickly; and more importantly…to earn a long term Beachbody Coach income that grows for years to come. How do I do that? By showing you the exact steps the most successful Beachbody Coaches are following. Not only will I outline the steps you need to take, and in the order you need to complete them, but I will SHOW you exactly “how” to do it. That’s right, follow my step-by-step “short video” trainings and your Beachbody business will be set-up, and growing in a matter of weeks instead of years…

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