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I am super excited today. Everyday is a great day to be a beachbody coach, but some days are just plain better than others…and today is one of them! I am not sure if all three of these announcements are public yet, but I have no doubt they will be all over the internet soon, so I want to give you a heads up…

1. More Proof that Becoming a Team Beachbody Coach is NOT a Scam

Read this new article just released on the “Legitimacy & National Value” of the Beachbody Business
(Click on the picture, click “ZOOM IN”, and enjoy! Pages 24 and 26 are the best in my opinion.)

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2. Receive Your Very Own “Ultimate Reset” Website when You Become a Beachbody Coach

Check out this new additional website you now receive when you start a Beachbody Business
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3. “Success on Demand” Provided to Coaches through their Beachbody Business Online Office:

As a Team Beachbody Coach, you will now have full access to the largest online personal development library, with contributors that are the “who’s who of the business world.” That means you’ll be able to dive in to all the invaluable content in SUCCESS Magazine, PLUS get a robust archive of past articles, audio, video, and book summaries. You’ll learn key business techniques like managing your time, overcoming obstacles, and becoming a way more effective leader.

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I love this company, and I would love to help you gain, what I have gained, by choosing to make an income as a Beachbody Coach. Therefore, if you have any questions, or are still trying to decide, “Should I become a Beachbody Coach,” please let me know how I can help you.

If you are ready to join the Beachbody Business and get started, follow the steps on my “Join Our Team” page carefully. Then, as soon as I receive your registration confirmation, I will send you a link to my step-by-step “Exactly How to Succeed” training website. Plus, I will be here to help you every step of the way : )

Holly Blochowitz
Beachbody Top Coach & Team Leader

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If you are trying to decide if you should become a Beachbody Coach,
there are three things I want to make sure you understand about
becoming, and making money as a Beachbody Coach…

3 Truths About Starting & Building a Beachbody Business:

First, there really is no reason not to become a Beachbody Coach since the tax benefits almost always outweigh the costs. Especially since you can become a Beachbody Coach for FREE when you purchase a Beachbody Challenge Pack. And, even if you only make 1 sale a month, you will be money ahead. I am still shocked at how many of my friends, family members, and acquaintances buy Beachbody products on a regular basis – and I guarantee that your’s do as well. So if nothing else, start a Beachbody business just for the tax write-offs, and so that people can buy from “your” Beachbody website (since they are doing it anyways.) Plus, Shakeology is incredible; and the money you will save with the discount you receive on Shakeology as a Beachbody Coach will more than cover the minimal costs of your Beachbody business.

There are several simple ways to build your Beachbody business as you go about your daily life. Seriously, one the best ways to build a massive Beachbody business takes 30 minutes to implement and will not change your daily routine at all. This is one of the very first things I teach my new Beachbody Coaches (in addition to the other 13 marketing methods I offer full training on.)

But the best part about the Beachbody Business Opportunity is…

3. If you learn Social Media, you can make as much money as you want as a Beachbody Coach. THAT IS THE TRUTH! And, not only is Social Media fairly simple, but it’s fun. People who join team Beachbody, that already know how to market using Social Media, are making $1,000/WEEK within their first couple months. This proves that Beachbody’s products are perfect for marketing this way. No friends and family, no cold calling, no home parties…just simply sell to people who ALREADY want to buy our products. Once you learn social media, you will practically be able to choose the amount of money you want to make with your Beachbody business. SO YES, of course I will show you exactly how to learn and implement social media…in a simple steps!

Not only will I teach you Social Media, but I now have step-by-step training videos on how to duplicate my blogging success. In fact, I have trainings for either building your own blog from scratch, or…for using our team’s “pre-made, fully customizable, SEO-optimized, and ready-to-go Beachbody blog.”

Here’s why this is HUGE for making money as a Beachbody Coach:

– 85% of the “Top” earners in all of Beachbody are using blogging and social media for their massive success
– By blogging (5 hrs/week) I enroll 2-5 new Beachbody Coaches and make MANY Shakeology sales every month
– Millions of people search for Beachbody products EVERY single month. Therefore, if you have your own Beachbody blog, you will be marketing directly to people who are looking to BUY what you have to offer!

Join Our Top Beachbody Team! And in a couple of years, you can be living whatever life you want!
People (like YOU) are making this happen with the Beachbody business opportunity every month.

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