Becoming a Beachbody Coach for Free

“Details”, “Clarifications” & “Instructions”
On How to Become a Beachbody Coach for Free
through the Beachbody Challenge Pack Free 30 Day Trial Offer

Free Trial Offer Detials…

– Trial Offer Ends July 31, 2012
Complete Overview of Pricing

IMPORTANT Clarifications…

If upfront expense is NOT an issue, then I recommend you skip the “Trial Offer” and just purchase a regular Challenge Pack. Here’s why…

– You have MANY more fitness programs to choose from, as well as, The Ultimate Reset
– The $39.85 Coach fee is waived with ALL Challenge Packs
– The $14.95 Shipping fee is also waived if you do NOT select the Trial Offer option

Free Trial Offer Instructions…
(Read ALL of them BEFORE Continuing)

1. Click on “Yes, I want to become a Beachbody Coach

2. Make sure it says: “Yes, I want Jeff (or Holly) Blochowitz to be my Beachbody Coach” at the bottom of the application (first page, directly above “Terms & Conditions”) BEFORE you submit it

3. After you submit the New Coach Application, click on “No thanks” at the bottom of the regular Challenge Pack Page that opens. A new page will then appear that offers you the Challenge Pack “Trial Offer.”

4. Complete your enrollment, and as soon as I receive your registration confirmation, I will send you a link to my step-by-step “Exactly How to Succeed” training website.

I will be here every step of the way, helping you building a successful Beachbody business : )