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How to Become a Beachbody Coach for Free

3 ways to become a Beachbody Coach for freeThere are three ways people are now becoming a Beachbody Coach for free…

1) Active Military Personnel (and/or their Spouses) are Becoming Beachbody Coaches for Free

2) Non-Profit Organizations Can Become a Free Beachbody Coach for Fundraising

3) ANYONE Can Become a Beachbody Coach for Free when they Purchase a Challenge Pack

Please use the links above to learn more about the first two options, but if you are not active in the Military, or not looking to make money for a non-profit organization, please read on to learn more about option 3…

In mid 2012, the cost for becoming a Beachbody Coach was eliminated for those who simply choose to start their business by purchasing a Challenge Pack. But, not only is the Become a Beachbody Coach enrollment fee of $39.95 waived for those who purchase a Challenge Pack going forward, but it is also being waived for anyone who has purchased a Challenge Pack in the past. That’s right, if you have ever purchased Shakeology and one of our fitness programs through a Challenge pack…you too can become a Beachbody Coach for free.

This is awesome news because with the holidays quickly approaching, the Beachbody MLM is primed for massive growth. And, once you become a Beachbody Coach you will save 25% on all of the Beachbody products you will want (and need) for your New Year’s Resolutions : ) Not to mention you can make money as a Beachbody Coach by selling to your friends and family, and helping them reach their goals.

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how to become a beachbody coach free

active military free beachbody coachImagine..

– Saving 25% on Beachbody’s fitness programs (P90X, Insanity, Body Beast)
Buying Shakeology & Beachbody’s other supplements at a huge discount
– Making money as a Beachbody Coach

Well that is exactly what Active U.S. Military Personnel are doing for FREE!

Of all the great Beachbody promotions, this offer is truly wonderful. By allowing Active Military Personnel (or their spouses) to become a Beachbody Coach for free, they are providing a ZERO RISK business for 5+ million people. Think about it this way: If they pay nothing to join the Beachbody business, and they don’t have to pay any of the Beachbody MLM monthly fees, there is ZERO reason for Active Military Personnel NOT to become a Beachbody Coach for free. By nature, people in the Military care about their health, and are dedicated to helping people improve their way of living. So by becoming a Beachbody Coach for free, they can now buy from their own online store, receiving a 25% discount on all Beachbody products. And, if they simply tell their buddies and co-workers to do the same…they will start making money as a Beachbody Coach.

The process is simple…

Request a Beachbody Business Application, Military Beachbody Coach FAQ, and Fax Cover Sheet
– Complete the application and fax it along with a copy of your Active Duty Orders & Military ID

Not Active Duty Military? That’s okay!
Click here to learn how ANYONE can
become a Beachbody Coach for Free

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