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Learn How I Can Help You Succeed in the Beachbody Business

Become a Shakeology Distributor and Sell Shakeology
The best way to earn a residual income in the Beachbody MLM is to become an expert at helping people learn why they need to buy Shakeology. This will allow you to make money by helping people nourish their bodies – in a way they never thought possible with today’s busy lifestyle.

Shakeology is a complete meal replacement shake that takes the guesswork out of nutrition for your customers. It is a premium meal replacement shake that combines many of nature’s most health-boosting ingredients, including real food sources of vitamins, minerals, fiber, and antioxidants, plus protein and phytonutrients to help rebuild muscle, eliminate toxins, and keep blood sugar from spiking.*

Making money in the Beachbody MLM by Selling Shakeology is as Easy as 1-2-3

Step – 1: Commit to Drinking Shakeology Every Day
This will actually make you WANT TO tell others about how great it makes you feel and/or how much weight it helped you lose.

Step – 2: Share Your Story
People will probably notice the difference in you and will ASK YOU what you are doing.

Step – 3: Follow up with Each Exposure
This is the key to building any top MLM company.

• Being a product of the product will enable you to share your own experiences. People don’t respond to a sales pitch or to the depth of your knowledge—they respond to your personal story, your enthusiasm, your passion, and your belief in the product. The Beachbody coaching business is not a scam, it is an opportunity to help people change their lives.

• A sale is nothing more than a transfer of your belief. Drinking Shakeology every day will build that belief. That is why the Beachbody business opportunity is so unique, people see how the products are working for you and they ask to purchase from you.

Become a Beachbody Coach (Shakeology Distributor)
and Let Me Help You Make Money from Home

How Much Money Do Beachbody Coaches Make?

beachbody business
The average income of a Beachbody Coach depends on several factors, their rank, their team, their sales, the promotions they take advantage of, and whether or not they are qualified for the Beachbody Customer Connection Program. However, the facts below about the income possibilities when you join the Beachbody business opportunity are astounding…and if you join the top Beachbody Team, your income is limitless!

Average Salaries of Fitness Professionals:

Personal Trainer: $42,204
Advanced Health & Fitness Specialist: $47,163
Fitness Club Owner: $80,382
Beachbody Star Diamond Coach: $90,746 (And yes, it’s a residual income!)

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“Statement of Independent Beachbody Coach Earnings” Chart
However…when looking at this chart, please note that many people join the Beachbody business JUST to get the discounts on their products and rarely (if ever) even sell a product. Therefore, the “Coach Rank” incomes stated are much less than what people who are actually working the Beachbody business are really making!

Why Beachbody Coaches Can Make So Much Money:

– No health or fitness experience is needed.
– The Beachbody business has the #1 infomercial in the United States.
– Beachbody’s business opportunity provides a customer base to all qualified coaches.
– When you become a Beachbody Coach, you are tapping into $100 million a year in advertising to attract 50,000 new customers each week.

To Remove All Limits On How Much Money You Can Make as a Beachbody Coach…
Please Review the 4 Things You Can ONLY Do, and MUST Do
BEFORE Becoming a Beachbody Coach

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