Beachbody Business WOWY Log

Logging WOWY workouts for the Beachbody business opportunity.

How to Properly Log WOWY SuperGym Workouts for the Beachbody Business Qualifications

In order to have your workouts count towards the 8 workouts, that you must have every month, in order to qualify for the Customer Lead Program…

You MUST Log Your Workouts in “Real-time” Using One of These Methods:

1) Use the “One Click Workout” option
2) If you pre-enter your workout schedule, you must login each day and click on “Start Now”

This is a HUGE part of succeeding in the Beachbody Business, so I highly recommend you verify that you are doing it correctly. The best way to do so, is to make sure that the boxes on your Workout Calendar are green.

– Login to
– Click on “SuperGym” under the “Get Fit” tab
– In order to meet the qualifications for the Customer Lead Program, at least 8 of the boxes on your Workout Calendar in the last 30 days must be GREEN (SuperGym.)