Matt Morris, the renowned “Unemployed Millionaire,” recently published his 80 Top MLM Companies using the official rankings. He ranked Team Beachbody #6 on his list. In other words, we’re making some big noise ’round the world. Click Here to See the Article

Here are a Few Reasons I Believe We are Headed to the #1 Spot
(Okay, maybe the #2 spot since Avon has been #1 FOREVER.)

1) Solid Company
They have been around for 11 years! But…they just recently launched their legitimate home business.

2) Household Name Products
I guarantee many of your family and friends will buy their products from TV.

3) Our Leadership
Just watch the video of Carl Daikler at the Beachbody Business Headquarters…enough said!

4) Our Training Platform
Anyone can earn a great income from home because they teach you how!


I am proud to be one of their top Leaders and I would love to help you…start a legitimate “fitness” business from home.

Click Here to Learn More: Become a Beachbody Coach!

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