Become a Beachbody Coach, Top Ten MLM CompanyBelow are answers to frequently asked questions about the Customer Lead Program that anyone can qualify for once they decide to become a Beachbody Coach

Do I have to pay for customers I receive in Beachbody’s business opportunity?

No, but in order to receive customers given to you from Beachbody, you must meet the Customer Connection Program Qualifications as outline by the Policy and Procedures of the Team Beachbody Opportunity.

Do I receive commissions from these customers?
They may have purchased a fitness program, and possibly Shakeology and/or a Club membership. These initial purchases and any related continuity are non-commission-able and carry no volume. Once customers are assigned to a Coach, any additional purchases are fully commission-able and carry bonus volume.

How will I know which customers came from the Team Beachbody Customer Lead Program?
The customer accounts are created on the same day they signed up or joined the Club, and are visible as $0.00 purchases in the Customer Orders section of your online office.

Where will I see the customers given to me from Beachbody?
These specific customers appear in the assigned Coach’s online office in two places:

What should I do with these new customers?
The Beachbody experience will be new to these customers so think of yourself as their first friend in the community. You are there to:

– Make the most of their Team Beachbody experience.
– Suggest products that are in line with their goals, fitness level and interests.
– Refer them to information within Team Beachbody that can help them with success.
– Show them how they too can save and make money by becoming a Beachbody Coach

The majority of Beachbody customers don’t realize that there is a P90X Affiliate Program or that they can sell Shakeology to make money from home. If interested, you can invite them to attend a Beachbody Business Opportunity Webinar, explain the cost to Become a Beachbody Coach and the Starter Packs available.

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