Make Residual Money in Beachbody MLMThe majority of Americans still live paycheck to paycheck…even though they don’t have too!

So why do people continue to do the same thing over and over again, day in and day out? Because it’s what our society teaches us to do: “Go to college so you can get a job.”

No way…this is not what I am teaching my kids.

Should they go to college? Sure, if they want the life experience and/or want to continue their education…but NOT in order to get a job.

My goal for them is to have their own business started by the time they turn 19. I honestly don’t care what type of business; as long as they love it and it has growth opportunity. The truth is, I would rather they start a dog poop scooping company than get a job. Why? Because they can eventually earn from the work of others. There will always be more dogs than there were the day before; so as their business grows, they can hire more and more people. And in turn, they will make more and more money – while working less and less. (There will always be people with an “employee mentality”, so at least their businesses will provide jobs for those people.)

Average Beachbody Coach Income and SalaryThe cartoon below is an “Eye Opener” and SHOULD change the world we live in, but unfortunately most people either won’t “get it” or won’t even take the first step. For some reason, people continue on the same path that has never led them one step closer to where they really want to go.

Secondly, and probably even more importantly…

The reason I will never recommend my kids become full-time employees, is because it will never allow them to become financially free. As long as you have to go to a job on a regular basis, you are not free…even if you make a million dollars a year. I personally would rather they make a large income and have the ability to enjoy life, than make millions and be tied to a job.

Why Most People Live Paycheck to Paycheck…
(And Why Some of Us Make More Money While Enjoying Life!)

A huge “Ah-ha” moment right?
I am going to have my kids watch this every year!

I know many of you are thinking, “But Jeff works a JOB???” Yes, he does; and you know why? Because we didn’t know any better when we graduated from high school and we followed what society told us to do. So now we are paying the price while getting ourselves back on the right track. Thankfully, it’s never too late! We are blessed that Jeff has an amazing job that allows me to stay home and “build our pipeline” while still being able to pay our bills, and pay-off all the debt (house, cars, etc.) we accrued because once again society said, “It’s okay, that’s what everyone else does!” (Ironically, our parents were great role models…they both owned their own business!)

So do I think there is ever a time for working a job? Of course there is. If like Jeff and me, you learn this lesson and start this process later in life, in order to pay your living expenses while building your “pipeline”, etc.

As far as I’m concerned, our only fault (which was a big one) was not reading, studying, and doing whatever it took to UNDERSTAND what God’s Word says about the roles of husbands and wives, debt, and not “being of the world.”

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