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When I first join Beachbody as a coach I was 30 pounds overweight and had little knowledge about fitness. However, I was so impressed by their programs, supplements and community that I decided to research exactly how thier fitness mlm opportunity worked. I had been very successful in other network marketing businesses and couldn’t believe I had the opportunity to partner with this nationally known fitness company.

In less than 2 months…I was named Top Coach of the Month!

Enjoy this Short Video they Filmed On Me (at My Home:)

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Beachbody businessBetween my husband and I, we have sold almost $1000 worth of Beachbody products this month. But what’s amazing…is that 80% of those sales came from customers who were GIVEN to us through Beachbody’s Customer Lead Program.

And right now, the FREE customers are coming in like crazy! We are both getting a new customer every other day; so, between us, we have a new Beachbody customer EVERYDAY. This pace will probably continue through mid-Summer (but even during the “off” months, we were each receiving 2-3 new FREE customers a week.)

We Will Help YOU Make Money as a Team Beachbody Coach

It really is incredible and Beachbody’s business opportunity is one that I am so proud to be a part of. Not only is Beachbody “hands down” the best company to make money from home with, but I know without a doubt that when I sell P90X or Shakeology (or any Beachbody product) to someone, that I am doing THEM a favor – not the other way around.

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