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What Makes a Home Based Business Legitimate?

Legitimate Home BusinessGood Monday Morning!

With the thousands of new mlm companies poping up every year it is often hard for people to determine which ones are legitimate and which ones have a good chance of being shut down.

Here are the Two Basic Guidelines I Use to Determine
if a Home Business Opportunity is Legitimate…

1. It must offer a product or service that someone would purchase even if they were NOT interested in the business opportunity.

2. The 10,000th person to join, must have the same opportunity to earn as the very first person who joined.

Now of course there are many other factors to consider before joining any mlm company but these are the first two criteria I consider. If the business doesn’t meet these 2 qualifications…then I don’t look at it any further.

With Beachbody, I KNEW people would buy the products whether their was a business opportunity or not because millions of people have already (and continue to) buy workout programs. And, their compenstaion plan is structured so that it is possible for the 10,000th person who joins to earn more than the person sitting at the top of the binary if they don’t engage and contribute to the overall growth of the mlm company.

I was asked the other day, “If you only work Beachbody’s home business and they give you customers and reps from TV, then why do you do so much internet marketing to build your Beachbody business?”

It was a great question but the answer is simple, “Because the more people you introduce to your products and business, the greater your chance is for success. Although it is a HUGE advantage, customers and reps from TV and radio is just one way to grow your income.”

So then he asked me, “So do you really use Mike Dillards trainings or do you just sell them to make extra money?”

Again, a great question that got me thinking…

– His Magnetic Sponsoring course taught me how to market myself…NOT just my business. This has been the one thing that has taken my home based business income from paying for the groceries to allowing me to stay home full time.

– I then read his Black Belt Recruiting course which taught me how to pick and choose the people who I want to join through me…instead of begging anyone to please join me. Basically, having more people join me by doing less work.

– I first learned how to get free mlm traffic by blogging and writing press releases through his Building on a Budget Course.

– I still to this day run a Google Adwords campaign and if I hadn’t studied his PPC Domination Course I would probably still be paying around $1 per click!

HOLY COW! I was shocked, until I said it out loud to the person I was talking with, I didn’t even realize that almost everything I know about how to build a legitimate business from home, I learned from Mike Dillard!

Therefore…I HIGHLY Recommend ALL of the Free Trainings (Highlighted Above)

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