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ShakeologyEveryday, there are more and more testimonials from people (and Doctors) who have used Beachbody’s new HEALTHY meal replacement to lose weight quickly while INCREASING thier nutritional intake.

And…you can build a legitimate MLM business with this nationally known company!

It Works Because it is Simple…

1. Workout to the FREE Shakeology DVD’s three times per week
2. Replace one meal per day with a Shakeology
3. Eat a balanced diet

(Plus, your SHIPPING IS FREE if you order on home direct.)

That’s it!

Watch Two Great Videos that Show You How Amazing Shakeology Is

Jump Start Your Weight Lose with a 3 Day Shakeology Cleanse

Learn Everything You Need to Know About Shakeology

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After you try it, please feel free to come back here and post your results!
And as always, let me know if you have any questions.

“I Just Joined Your Top New MLM Business!”

The title of this post, is an example of the emails I often receive from people I have never spoken with…therefore, if you haven’t started using the tools and trainings that bring me these type of results, I highly recommend you visit My Sponsor 20 Reps a Month Page.

If you are serious about succeeding in a top mlm company, you MUST choose a training program and stick with it. I recommend you sign up for a couple of Mike Dillards “no cost” Trainings and then decide which one you enjoy the most.

DO NOT spend money to build your mlm business until you have spent money on learning HOW to build your buisness…I learned this lesson the hard way 🙂

Here is a Quick Tip for Today:

Do Not Sell…

Everyone hates to feel as if they are being sold something. Simply recommend
your business or product just like you would recommend a restaurant to a friend.


– Plug them into Websites, Webinars and Conference Calls
– Follow-up to answer questions
– Let those who have a strong desire join you!

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