Beachbody Coaches Make Money FAQIs it important WHO I enroll as my first two Beachbody Coaches in order to go Emerald?

Not necessarily; your Emerald status will not always be based on the first two Coaches you enroll. If one of them becomes Inactive, you will stay Emerald if you have two other personally sponsored Active Beachbody Coaches (one on each leg.) In fact, it does not even matter where they fall in your downline. At the end of every business week, the computer checks to see if you, and at least two of your personally sponsored Coaches (one on each leg), have at least 50 pv in the last 30 days. If so, you will be qualified as Emerald for the past week. The following week, the computer checks again, and so on.

In other words…

As long as you are Active, and you have the required # of personally sponsored “Active” coaches on each leg, you will be paid at that rank for the previous week. It doesn’t matter “who” they are, as long as you sponsored them, and they are evenly distributed between your two legs.

Why is Your Beachbody Business Rank Important?

1. The free leads and customers Beachbody gives it’s Emerald and above Coaches
2. Rank Bonuses!
3. To increase the amount of money Beachbody Coaches make on their downline

Personally enrolling a ton of people is not necessary. Why? Because Beachbody Coaches don’t earn commissions on the products their personal Coaches buy or sell, but only on their overall sales volume through cycling bonuses. And…the same is true for all of the Coaches who fall under you! So basically you earn the same on everyone in your downline…no matter who enrolls them. The only added benefit for the Coach who personally enrolls them is for rank purposes and earning Success Club points.

So yes, it is important to personally enroll Coaches, but by only enrolling 2-8 Beachbody Coaches,
you can make money residually, and earn a very large Beachbody Coach income!

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