Team Beachbody BusinessHundreds of people decide to become a Beachbody Coach every month, unfortunately though, not all of them end up with a prime position on active team, or a sponsor who goes above and beyond to help them whenever they need it.

Enrolling on the best Beachbody team through the right Beachbody sponsor is very important; and that is why I am continually asked this questions, “How will you help me, if I choose to join Team Beachbody’s coaching opportunity through you?”

Here is my answer:


If you haven’t already, please read or listen to the audio on the “Home” page of this blog about how I became a Beachbody “Top” Coach and how the trip I took, with Beachbody’s CEO and the other top earners in Team Beachbody, will dramatically help YOU start (and build) a Team Beachbody business.


My Beachbody team leaders & I offer step by step training, on many different methods, for finding new Customers & Coaches (We make selling P90X & Shakeology simple and fun!) :

– How to Maximize Beachbody’s Game Plan
– Professional Social Media Training
(Facebook, Blogging, YouTube, etc.)
– Flyers, Lead Boxes, Newspaper Ads
– Expo or Fair Booths
– Fit Clubs and/or Home Parties
– How to Use 3rd Party Tools
– Letters/Emails to Family and Friends
– Non Profit Fund Raisers

We of course don’t recommend you learn all of these; instead, you will pick 2 or 3 methods (that appeal to you) and we will then help you master them.

Lastly (but most importantly)…

When you submit the form on the top of this blog, you will receive an email with a direct link to a “private” page that outlines a list of several things you can do (BEFORE you become a Beachbody Coach) that will dramatically increase the residual income you earn, week after week, from your new Beachbody Home Business.

Please…let me know if you have any questions about Team Beachbody!

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