Is the Team Beachbody Coaching Business a Scam?Many people are excited about the Beachbody business opportuntiy. They know they want to sell P90X, buy Shakeology at a discount or even just take advantage of the Beachbody Customer Lead Program; but, they are nervous about “what” they are suppose to do once they join.

However, I have created 4 simple steps that allow my team members to get their business set up quickly; so they can start making money with Beachbody right away.

Once You Join My Beachbody Team, You will Receive this Email…

Welcome to Our Beachbody Team,

This website will be VITAL to your success in Beachbody: [Team Checklist Website]

– Bookmark it to your “Favorites”
– Complete EACH of the Steps

(Also, be sure to save this email and send it to all of the new Coaches that “you” enroll.)

Please let me know if you have any questions,

On the “Checklist” Website, You will Find 4 Steps…

1. An Optin Box to Join My Team Update Newsletter

During the first week, you will receive several emails, that show you exactly how to get started. After that I send occasional updates about important tools and tips to help you build your Beachbody home business.

2. Instructions on How to Join My PRIVATE Team Facebook Group

This is where I post all of my daily tips, announcements, and updates so you are constantly kept informed and motivate. Plus, in this group you can ask questions and get answers from me, and many of Beachbody’s top leaders (in real-time!)

3. Instructions on How to Complete the New Coach Training in Your Beachbody Back Office

Beachbody offers you step by step training to learn everything you need to know about building a successful business. You can complete it within a couple days or you can complete it within a couple weeks – it’s up to you.

4. Access to My “Exactly How to Succeed” Webinar Trainings

My personal trainings include “My tips and Secrets for Getting Started Right”, “14 Ways to Build the Business”, “Stuff You Just NEED to Know”, “Going Emerald: A Vital Training for ALL Beachbody Coaches”, and then my complete “step-by-step” training videos on how to set-up, design, and optimize the “Pre-Made Blogs” our team offers, so that you can duplicate EXACTLY what I do to make Success Club every single month.

It really is that simple, everything will be laid out for you to follow.
Plus, I will be here – every step of the way – to help you!

Become a Beachbody Coach

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