Good morning, I have two updates that I think many of you will find interesting…

1) Exactly How You Can Be GIVEN Customers from a Top 10 MLM Company

Last night, I was looking through some of the past emails I had written about Beachbody’s MLM and I came accross an audio recording I did that explains exactly how they give us the paying customers from the thousands of infomercials they run on National TV. And, this doesn’t even include how The DR Network aka Secure a Top Spot is helping us build it by allowing us to answer live incoming calls from “their” infomercials. You can learn more about this at

To Listen as I Explain How Customers are GIVEN to You from a Top 10 MLM:
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2. Beachbody Videos that Feature My Success & How I Help My Team Members

The other day I was a guest on an MLM opportunity webinar that one of my team members held. On the call she said something like, “Now I want to show you a short “Success Stories” video and in it, you will see my Beachbody sponsor Holly Blochowitz.”

I was shocked, I no idea that part of my interview with the CEO of Beachbody (while in Mexico) had been featured in a new video.

Long story short…

The first month I joined the business, I was named Top Coach and won an ALL expenses paid trip to Mexico with Beachbody’s corporate staff and P90X’s Tony Horton. It was incredible! (You can learn more about the FREE trips they offer at Since the trip was a couple of years ago, most of the videos of it are no longer available (but, my husband and I are in the picture you see all over the website of people doing Yoga on the beach – YIKES!)

Plus…less than a week after I won Top Coach, Beachbody flew their producer, host, camera crew and a hair and make-up lady to my home (in the middle of no-where Colorado) to film a recognition video of me. It was then that I knew, I had not joined a “typical” mlm business.

If You Would Like to Watch One or Both of the Videos
Beachbody Filmed On Me … I Now Have them at the Bottom of:

Top Coach simply means that those who join me ARE SUCCEEDING. I want to help you succeed too – Join Me and I will immediately plug you into everything I offer!

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