I love Monday. While most people dread it, I look forward to it.


Because I get to take my time getting my kids up and ready for school. We then either walk or ride bikes together and once I get them dropped off, I take 30 minutes to continue walking or riding to enjoy the beautiful day God has created. Once home, I make coffee and spend quiet time with my Lord reading his word and/or in prayer.

(Too funny, while I was typing this email, my son called from school and said that he needed medicine for his allergies. I was able to jump up and run it to him…without having to ask permission from a Boss to miss work.)

After my devotional time, I get to work on the computer for a couple of hours to support my team members and make a blog post to keep my Beachbody business growing. Then I stop for lunch and usually tidy the house and get a load of laundry going, water the garden or get at least one household chore done. I then get a workout in before working another hour, or so, to be sure I am caught up on emails and phone calls for the day.

Then, I pick up my kids from school, feed them a snack and either play or do homework if they have any. I start preparing dinner and then spend the evening with my husband and kids.

What’s not to love about Mondays?

If this in not your typical Monday, then I would love to help you change this…

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