How to Become a Beachbody Coach During Rotator Beta TestBeta Testing of my Beachbody Coaches Rotator is LIVE!

All team members will be added to the rotator by March 1, 2013 (INCLUDING those who become a Beachbody Coach through this website during the Beta Test.) So grab your spot now to secure your rotator position for launch!

Below are the Requirements to Be Added to My Beachbody Coaches Rotator…

1. Your Beachbody Business Sponsor MUST Be in Our Downline

If you already have a Customer Account with Beachbody, then you automatically have a Beachbody Coach. Therefore, if you enroll to become a Beachbody Coach through your existing Beachbody account, you will be automatically enrolled through your existing Coach. So to find out if your Coach is in our downline or not, please email your Coach’s Full Name and Screen Name (Spelled Correctly) to (To find your Beachbody Coach’s Screen Name: Sign-in to your account at and then click on “My Coach” under the “Connect” tab. Their Screen Name will be in orange lettering after, “My coach is”)

2. You Must Join the Beachbody Business by Buying Shakeology or a Challenge Pack & then Maintain a Shakeology Home Direct (HD) Order

If your home direct order of Shakeology is discontinued (for even 1 week) you will be removed from the rotator and will need to complete the steps below again AFTER you re-establish your Shakeology Home Direct order.

3. Write a Paragraph about Why You Decided to Become a Beachbody Coach

Once we verify you are a member of our downline and that you are on Shakeology HD, you will need to submit a 250 word (minimum) paragraph about why you chose to become a Beachbody Coach, what you hope to accomplish, why you joined our team, etc. We use these paragraphs as blog posts, and press releases to keep our rotator backlinking websites at the top of the search engines.

how to become a beachbody coach

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