How to Be a Beachbody CoachMy name is Tom Kaess. I am happily married and have two great kids. Fitness is such an important part of my life. I used to just run and lift weights. After completing two marathons, I turned to P90X. I absolutely loved the program. After 3 rounds of P90X, I tried Insanity. Went a few rounds of Insanity, then did a hybrid P90X/Insanity program. Insanity: Asylum Vol I was next on my list, soon followed by P90X2. I am now almost complete with Insanity: Asylum Vol II. I LOVE THESE WORKOUTS!! They are so challenging and so much fun. Next on my to do list is Insanity: The Asylum Hybrid. A few years ago, I also turned to Shakeology to eat as my breakfast. It has helped me get very lean, and I feel amazing. This past January, my wife and I did the Beachbody Ultimate Reset. I lost 9 lbs and my LDL level dropped from 90 to 74!

Listen as I Explain Why I Decided to Learn…
How to Become a Beachbody Coach

How to Become a Beachbody Coach through Tom


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