Team Beachbody Business Expenses

Listed below are the costs involved
with starting and operating a Beachbody business.
However…it is not a complete list
of the “qualifications” needed to be eligible for the
Beachbody Business Customer Lead Programs.

The Expenses of a Beachbody Business

Cost to Become a Beachbody Coach to ONLY Receive a 25% Discount and/or Earn Retail Commissions from Product Sales…

– $39.95 Be a Beachbody Coach Fee (Waived with all Challenge Packs)
– $15.95/month

To Earn On Your Beachbody MLM Downline, You Must Be an “Active” Beachbody Coach which ALSO Requires You to…

– Buy or sell at least 50PV every 35 days (approximately $50 worth of products at the Coach price.)

IF You Want to Qualify to Receive Free Customers from the Beachbody Business, You Must ALSO be a Club Member…

– $38.87/quarterly (every 3 months)

IF You Want to Qualify for Success Club You Must ALSO Be “Personally” Signed-Up for a 90PV Home Direct Order…

– Be on Home Direct for Shakeology ($97.46+tax/mo) or any other combination of Beachbody supplements totaling 90PV (or more). Home Direct (HD) means the product is automatically shipped and charged to you monthly.

All Beachbody Challenge Packs Include Everything You
Need in Order to Qualify for EVERY Level of the Beachbody Business

Plus!  The $39.95 “Become a Beachbody Coach” Fee is WAIVED with all Challenge Packs!

* 30 Days Later Your Re-Occurring Fees Begin…
$15.95/month Coach Fee, $97.46+tax/month Shakeology, and the $38.87/quarter Club Fee


Click Here for Step by Step Directions on:
How to Become a Beachbody Coach


IF You Plan to “Really Work” this Business,
Here are the “Additional” Expenses I Recommend…

– A few domain names (3-6) which run $10 each for a whole year. Domain names are much safer then hoping people remember to add your /ScreenName to the end of the Beachbody website.

Example: Many people won’t put the /YourScreenName and then you would lose the sale. So instead you buy a domain name like (example) which forwards them directly to your Beachbody website. Plus…it is easier for them to remember. Once you join our team, we will give you instructions on exactly how to set this up.

– Business cards; but if you don’t want to spend money on them, I will show you how to get 250 free ones from VistaPrint. They are generic, but work fine. I also use the free ones in addition to my Beachbody logo ones which cost more. ($25-50)

– Optional $25/mo Automated Marketing System that is MUCH more effective than the websites Beachbody gives us. Check out JUST A FEW of the pages it gives me…

–  A blog is of course an optional marketing method, and it is approximately $100/year for hosting and you do have to pay for 12 months up front.

–  Top of the line social media trainings (Learn how to blog, run Facebook Ads, use Twitter for business, etc) that range in price from $27-$97.


how to become a beachbody coach


If You Have Any Questions, Please Contact Me Directly
Or…Complete the Form at the Top of this Blog to Learn More

– A list of several things you can do before you become a Beachbody Coach that will dramatically increase the weekly residual income from your Beachbody business.

– What you must know about me and my top Beachbody team leaders.

– The key to massive success in the Team Beachbody MLM.


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