beachbody mlm coaching scamI laugh and laugh every time I watch this video…
(Watch the bear’s facial expressions!)

It clearly depicts how most people do not understand why and how beneficial LEGITIMATE MLM business opportunities are. Since Beachbody is a very reputable company, I don’t have too many people question it’s legitimacy or the fact that it is an MLM, but occasionally people do want to know if it’s a scam or pyramid scheme; and if not, why? After listening to this video, I now know how to answer them (although I think I will find a more polite way of explaining it!)

But…as funny as it is, it clearly explains why so many of the most successful people in the world highly recommend that everyone not only own their own business, but more specifically…a Legitimate MLM or Network Marketing Home Based Business Opportunity – like Team Beachbody!

A VERY Funny Explanation of “MLM Home Business Opportunities”

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