Listen as I Explain:

People across the country can actually now work from home with a Nationally known health and fitness company that spends 90 million dollars to brand and sell their household name products to up to 30,000 new customers EVERY WEEK.

And…they will GIVE these New Customers to You
(On a Daily Basis) to Earn a Residual Income From

That is INCREDIBLE – imagine receiving an average of 3-6 new customers every week from Print, Radio and Television Advertising…that is developed and paid for by the company! It is literally an infomercial home business.

NO HOME PARTIES – I have a huge amount of respect for all of the women who have, and still do, host home parties in the evenings to sell MaryKay, Tupperware, Candles, Pampered Chef, etc… to make money for their families, but still be able to stay home and raise their children. But now, with this concept of being GIVEN customers – they can spend their evenings at home too.

Looking back, I don’t believe that there has ever been an MLM launched by a company that was so successfully established, well respected and branded to the point that 8 out of 10 people have heard of or used their products. I think Beachbody is amazing…

The parent company, Product Partners, LLC had so many testimonials coming in, that the majority of their sales were coming from referrals from existing customers. That is the TRUE definition of MLM Network Marketing. And they didn’t create it…their products created it for them! It is easy to sell products that people already want to buy because they see them EVERYWHERE. And, it’s easy to talk about the Beachbody opportunity because when you say, “I work from home with Beachbody, the company that you see on TV with products like P90X, Turbo Jam, Slim in 6, etc.” they are intrigued because YOU have instant credibility. Read This Example

Sometimes even I don’t realize how amazing it is that I am a big part of something that will forever change the MLM industry; in a wonderful way.

And lastly, I couldn’t stop thinking about how much time and money I have wasted over the last few years on joining the “next big thing” or by signing up quickly under someone so I could “get the best position.”

And worse yet, how many people I have hurt by encouraging them to do the same thing.

Never again will I fall for these…

– “No cost”
– “Get in now before you miss the rush”
– “Make $10,000 a week”
– “You don’t have to do anything”
– “No selling or sponsoring”

Sure, some of it may be true, but if that is how we have to promote it, the business itself must not be very great. If I am going to spend my time and energy to build a business, I want it to be respectable and so solid that my grandchildren can take it over from me someday.

I Truly Want Everyone I Know to See for Themselves…
Why NO OTHER Home Business Can Compare to the Beachbody Business Opportunity

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As you will see in the video’s, I am a top coach in Beachbody and simply put, all that means is that those who join me are succeeding. So please, use this blog to learn more and then call or email me so I can help you!

– Holly

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