Beachbody ScamOne way to quickly make money after you become a Team Beach body Coach is to qualify for one of the several Beachbody customer lead programs. And since you must be an active Emerald in order to receive customer and business opportunity leads, my top Beachbody team leaders and I offer full training on many different ways to find prospective Coaches.

For example, I offer full, step by step, training on all of these marketing methods:

– How to maximize the training provided by Team Beachbody
– Social Media (Facebook, YouTube, etc.)
– Blogging
– Capture Pages
– Fliers and Lead Boxes
– Newspaper Ads
– Expos or Fair Booths
– Fit Clubs and Home Parties
– 3rd Party Tools
– Letters/Emails to Family and Friends
– Fund Raisers for Organizations

I of course don’t recommend you learn all of these marketing methods, but rather, I suggest you pick 2 or 3 of them that appeal to you and let me help you learn and master them.

Then, once you start earning customers from Beachbody, I will show you the best way to introduce them to additional products and the Team Beachbody business opportunity. Plus, once we get you qualified for Success Club, you will also receive paying Shakeology customers, as well as, customers who have indicated that they are interested in learning how they too can make money with Beachbody!

I have been in the MLM industry for many years and my strong suit is helping others succeed! This is the reason I created my new Beachbody coach training in a very simple, step by step, system. I am very happy with my Team Beachbody income and my passion now is to help others reach the level I am at.

Helping you, helps me – and that is what Team Beachbody is all about. Plus, I work it full time so I am almost always available for one on one help.

Don’t wait, my Beachbody team is growing daily πŸ™‚

Join Team Beachbody today to secure a position.

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