Several years ago I was on the right track in promoting my MLM business…I registered for a Word Press Blog Account. However, less than an hour into it, I became frustrated and gave up – I had NO clue what a widget or plug-in was!

Quitting was a HUGE mistake, sure it forced me to learn Google Adwords in order to drive non-stop traffic to my home business website, but, it cost me a fortune in clicks before I figured out what I was doing. If I would have simply took a couple days to learn how to blog, I would probably be receiving 100’s of FREE visitors everyday by now.

Thankfully, 8 months ago a friend of mine offered to help me try blogging again. The results were amazing! After less than two weeks of posting, I was on page one for several of my keywords. Now they weren’t highly popular keywords, but it gave me the proof I needed that BLOGGING WORKS.

Below is an Email I then Sent My Own MLM Team About Blogging:

“I am so excited about blogging and how it is helping people on our team go Diamond,
as well as, sell a lot of products to increase their weekly residual income.

If you simply make one post each day you should be ranking on the search engines
within a month. From then on it is FREE VERY TARGETED MLM or Home Based
Business traffic to your website daily; as long as you continue to make a few posts
each week. Imagine if you just sold 1 auto-ship of Shakeology a week! That ALONE
would add up over time! This could be a GOLDMINE and I am tapping into it! (Sorry,
as you can tell, I am very excited about this.)

Plus…Beachbody provides us with tons of information to write about on everyday! Just
one more reason they are already ranked as a Top 10 MLM Company.

The hardest part is getting started and building the structure of your blog. However! I
have a friend who will do it for you! Check Out His Website:

Well, that was almost 6 months ago and my team members who took action, and started blogging, are now seeing their home business grow as well.

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