One of the sure signs that an mlm company offers a LEGITIMATE Home Based Business is if customers (people who are not part of the mlm business opportunity) not only buy their products, but CONTINUE to buy the products.

Beachbody’s Home Based Business FAR surpasses most mlm companies and even many NON-mlm companies in this regard.


I ran a test campaign on Google Adwords this weekend to my personal Shakeology website (given to us by the company upon enrolling) and I was VERY happy with the results. Now of course I can’t guarantee anything but this could be a very easy way for anyone to make a lot of re-occuring sales and build a very nice residual income.

Shakeology is a Meal Replacement that is Helping Thousands of People
Lose Weight (or Maintain their Weight) THE HEALTHY WAY

I Received 8 Hits by Running this Ad:

THE Best Meal Replacement
70 of the Healthiest Ingredients
from the Top Home Fitness Co.

It cost me $3.30 & I made one sale. That is $30 in my pocket upfront and possibly future re-occurring sales and additional product sales!

But Then, it Got Even Better….

I set up a Pay-Per Click campaign for my sister-in-law’s CORPORATE SHAKELOGY SITE today and her VERY FIRST visitor bought on AUTO-SHIP.

So, it cost her $.50 to make $30 and get a new Shakeology Auto-Ship Customer!

Once you Join My Beachbody Team, I will immediately send you to our Team Getting Started Checklist website where you will learn how to set up your new legitimate home business for success. And…included in those steps are the simple instructions on EXACTLY how to set up this pay-per-click campaign, as well as, other ways to build this top new mlm opportunity.

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