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Tips for Setting Up and Posting in Message Boards & Forums:

– Go to www.Google.com and type in “home business message boards”, “fitness forums”, etc. whatever interests you and start signing up for accounts with different message boards.

– They will send you an email to verify your email address. Once you have done that, you can log in and add your signature line under “change/update your profile”. Come up with a catchy signature line that includes a link to the site (URL) you are promoting. Input that signature line into your profile’s signature box. Make it bright, yet inviting, people are naturally curious and will click the link to go to your mlm capture page or website.

– Then just start replying to messages and always mark “attach my signature” before posting. If you blatantly advertise you will be thrown out of the forum. Instead, just be friendly and helpful. When they see your signature line they will click your link and will check out your site. The more you post the more your site is advertised for free.

Signature Line Example:

Your Name
Your Email Address

Build a Legitimate Home Based Business with Paying Customers from National TV:
(Your URL or Domain Name)

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Happy Posting!

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