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To Become a Beachbody Coach & Have Access to
EVERYTHING I Offer for Success in the Beachbody Business…
Read the 3 Important Notes & then Follow the Instructions Below CAREFULLY

3 Important Notes

1)  At the Bottom of the First Page of the Application, it MUST Say:

“Our records show your Coach will be Jeff  (or Holly) Blochowitz.”

2)  If You Already Have a Beachbody Account, but with a Different Coach…

– Click on “Yes, I have an account and will log in now.”
– After you “Login” you will need to refresh the page or re-open www.BetterLivesNow.info
– It should then say, “Our records show your Coach will be Holly Blochowitz” under “Did a Coach Refer You”
– If NOT, click on “Select a Different Coach” and enter either my Screen Name: dothistoday3 or Coach ID: 273851  (Make sure you use dothistoday3, NOT dothistoday or dothistoday2, in order to obtain the best position on my team.   Under my dothistoday3 position is where I am currently building!)

3)  We HIGHLY Recommend You Join with a Beachbody Starter Pack…

At the very minimum, you need to buy Shakeology. However, if you want to have everything you need to really build your business, then join with a Beachbody Challenge Pack to become a Beachbody Coach for free.

Watch this Video
…for an in-depth explanation of the 3 tips above and how to join for free!



Step-by-Step Directions on How to
Become a Beachbody Coach through Holly

1. Click on “Yes, I want to be a Team Beachbody Coach.

2. Complete the application and make sure it says, “Our records show your Coach will be Holly Blochowitz” BEFORE you click on “Continue with my Enrollment.”

3. The next page that opens will be the Challenge Pack option page. If you want the $39.95 Coach Fee waived, and to receive a discount on purchasing Shakeology with a fitness program, select the Challenge Pack of your choice and click on “Sign me up.” If you do not want to join Beachbody with a Challenge Pack, click on the “No thanks, just sign me up” button at the bottom of that page.

4. The next page that opens will offer you a-la-carte items. From here you can choose to buy just Shakeology, and/or any other products you would like to try. Once you have made all of your choices, click on “Yes, upgrade my order.”

5. Complete the billing and shipping info. and pay for your order.

Complete the Online Application Now:
how to become a beachbody coach

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