Becoming a Beachbody CoachBelow is a “sneak peek” at the “outline” of the Beachbody MLM Training Blog I provide for anyone is becoming a Beachbody Coach through me (or one of my downline team members – ONLY.)

However, from this post: You will NOT be able to watch any of my actual “Training Videos” (where I walk all of my new Beachbody Coaches through every single step outlined below); and, you will NOT be able to click on the each of the Beachbody MLM Business “training links” (that then provide step-by-step “written” instructions for each step as well!) But, my hope is that from the outline below, you will get a very good understanding of how detailed my Beachbody MLM training system is, and how I go above and beyond to make sure…those becoming a Beachbody coach through me, succeed quickly!

First: 3 Things You Must Know About My Beachbody MLM “Training System”
1. Once you join the Beachbody business, you will learn the information below one step at a time (through short videos and written instructions) so that you never get overwhelmed or wonder, “What should I do next.”

2. I am almost ALWAYS available by phone, email, or Facebook to help you & answer questions. Yes, seriously! I provide more one-on-one support than you will ever need – see what my Beachbody MLM Coaches say about me.

3. When you enroll a new Coach into the Beachbody MLM, you can plug them directly into my training system…so they too have access to all of my tips and secrets to building a thriving Beachbody business : )

View the Outline of My Beachbody MLM Team Training Site…

Getting Started & Setting Up Your Beachbody Business…


7 Day Quick Start Guide:

“When & How” to Go Emerald ASAP:
(So You are IMMEDIATELY Qualified to Receive Free Beachbody Customers for TWO full Months Right Out of the Gate!)

90 Days to Becoming a Diamond Beachbody Coach: (by Following 1 Step)

Set Up Your Beachbody MLM Business Profile & Websites:

Logging Your WOWY SuperGym Workouts Correctly:

Setting Up Your Beachbody MLM Email Address:

ALWAYS Use Videos with Prospects (Business & Customer):

Optional Beachbody Business Marketing System:

Domain Name Instructions:

Business Cards:

Your Direct Beachbody Links:

Building the Beachbody Business Opportunity “Correctly”…


Your Beachbody Confession (VITAL):

Why & How to Build Two Beachbody Coach Positions:

Success Club – Your #1 Goal EVERY Month:

Contacting & Connecting with Your Beachbody Customers:

Methods for Building the Beachbody Business:


Misc. Ways to Enroll Beachbody Coaches and Customers:

Beachbody Challenge: “Simplify Becoming a Success Beachbody Coach”:

Options for Starting a Beachbody MLM Blog:

Holly’s Best Blogging Tips:

Social Media: How to Earn $1,000/WEEK:

Beachbody MLM Quick References…


Coach Relations & Customer Support Contact Info:

Business Opportunity MLM Webinars:

Team Training Websites & Weekly Calls/Webinars:

Where to Buy Logo Wear (Shirts, Hats, etc.):

Your Beachbody Challenge Direct Links:

“Safe” Prospecting Websites You Can Use:

Our Nationwide LIVE Training Tour:

Ultimate Reset Resources & Info:

Blog Link Exchange (For Our Team ONLY!):

Beachbody Business FAQ’s & Helpful Tips…


Understanding Beachbody Commissions & Pay Schedule:

Following-up with & Closing Prospects:

How to Create a Customer Facebook Group:

How to Send an Ecard or Email to ALL of Your Customers:

Changing Home Direct Orders:

How to Build Your Beachbody Binary:

Explaining the Costs of Becoming a Beachbody Coach:

View the Coach Sign-up Process & Setting Your Preferred Placement:

When You Enroll a New Beachbody Coach:

Once You Enroll 2 Beachbody Coaches:

When Your Personal Coaches Enrolls their 1st Coach:

Super Foods in Shakeology & ALL of their Benefits:

Free Customers that are BIZ OP LEADS as well!:

Contacting Success Club “Biz Op”Leads:

Daily Schedule Example:

Best Options for People Who Want to Buy Shakeology:

How to Save $ on Shakeology (and Other Home Direct Products):

Overcoming Common Objections:

“Why” People Should Buy Beachbody’s MLM Products from YOU:

How to Earn with the Beachbody Club:

Selling to or Signing up “Existing” Beachbody Customers:

Email I Now Send All My New P90X Customers (Thanks Kenneth & Mike):

Tools & Resources for Building Your Beachbody Business…


Beachbody Challenge: “Simplify Being a Coach”:

Email Series for Customers & Facebook Posts:

Fit Club Training:

Free to Active Military: A Simple Way to Get to Diamond:

Non-Profit Organization Tools & Training:

Beachbody Flyers:

“How” to Use Beachbody MLM 3rd Party Tools:

How to Host a Beachbody Business Home Party:

Message Boards & Forums:

How to Sell Challenge Packs (Without Hosting a Challenge Group):

Brick & Mortar Businesses:

Lead Boxes:

Your Own Beachbody Facebook Online Store:

How to Run a Booth at a Health Fair or Business Expo:

So as you can see…
I am VERY serious about making sure YOU succeed
once you join the Beachbody MLM business on Team Unity!

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