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If you have a blog or website with SEO rankings for “fitness”, “lose weight” or “exercise” related keywords, you can make great money selling Beachbody products!

Plus, each workout program comes with a recommendation for taking Beachbody nutritional supplements monthly and for joining the Team Beachbody Club for a quarterly fee.
These sales are tied to YOU – which allows you to build a residual income.

Become a Beachbody Distributor:

– Only $40 to Join (Waived through December 31, 2010!)
– $15/month gives you full access to all of Beachbody’s Web tools (including the banners above)
– Earn a 25% commission on the retail sales price of Beachbody products
– Earn a 50% commission on the sales and renewals of Team Beachbody memberships


P90X sells for $119.85
Your commission will be $29.96 (Per Sale!)

To See Prices of Other Beachbody Products – Click Here

Click Here to Become a Beachbody Distributor

There is a full “Coaching” business opportunity, but, by joining at the $40 level
(and paying $15/mo) you are able to earn full retail commissions on all Beachbody products.

If You Have ANY Questions, Please Contact Me:

Holly Blochowitz

When it comes to researching new MLM companies, it is vital that you know how they stand financially, as well as, how it can enhance your financial condition. So today, I want to cover the financial stability of the Team Beachbody business opportunity.

First, let’s take a look at facts about the company it’s self…

– Beachbody has the #1 infomerical in the United States – And yes, you can sell P90X to make money from home.

– Beachbody spends over $100-million per year in advertising and attracts over 50,000 new customers each week.

I guarantee that none of the other top ten MLM companies can even come close to providing this type of security. As you can see, the Team Beachbody Home Business is definitely financially stable!

Beachbody Even Just Donated $150,000 to Rain Catcher:


Before you spend your time and money to build a legitimate MLM home business, you must make certain you will be compensated well and RESIDUALLY.

Below are the average Salaries of Fitness Professionals:
(However, you do NOT need ANY fitness expertise for the beach body business opportunity.)

Personal Trainer: $42,204
Advanced Health & Fitness Specialist: $47,163
Club Owner: $80,382
Beachbody Star Diamond Coach: $164,166 (And yes, it’s residual!)

Click Here to View How Much Money People Make with Beachbody’s Business Opportunity

When looking at this chart however, please note that many people join the Beachbody MLM JUST to get the discounts on their products and rarely if ever even sell P90X. Therefore, the incomes stated are much less than what people who are actually working the business are making!

Learn Everything You Want and Need to Know about: Beachbody’s Home Business Opportunity
(As well as, what you receive when you join the top Beachbody team!)

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