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Beachbody MLM: Exactly What I Offer

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Imagine Becoming a Beachbody Coach and…

Immediately you have access to “step-by-step” instructions and short
video trainings on how many of the top leaders (and top earners)
make so much money in the Beachbody MLM.

Well that is EXACTLY What I Offer!

Listen to How I Will Help You
Make Money as a Beachbody MLM Coach:

Did you listen to everything I said, all the way through the “recap”?   My goal is to shorten and simplify the learning and earning process of those considering becoming a Beachbody Coach through me. But most importantly…when you join my team, you will receive personal, one-on-one, support from myself and my team leaders (who just happen to be some of the top earners in the Beachbody MLM business opportunity!) And best of all, when you personally enroll a new Coach in the Beachbody MLM, you can simply send them to my training blog, where they too, will be immediately plugged into our: “How to Make Money as a Beachbody Coach” Training System.

So, What Happens Once You Become a Beachbody Coach through Me?

I will immediately send you to my Training Blog (see the outline in the post below this one), which will walk you through EXACTLY what the top earners are doing to make money by becoming a Beachbody Coach…and more importantly…the order they are doing it in. Yes, seriously! As a Beachbody Top Coach, I have had the opportunity to watch thousand of people join the Beachbody MLM business over the past few years – and many of them are succeeding – but many failed as well. Therefore, I decided to compile the trainings, tools and actions that the Top Beachbody Earners are using and then have my new team members follow them.

It worked! Those becoming a Beachbody Coach on my team, are now going Emerald (and even Diamond) faster than ever before! And YOU too can duplicate our success in making money in the Beachbody MLM Opportunity!

Therefore, if you are considering becoming a Beachbody Coach, I Encourage You to…

1. Bookmark this website to your Favorites and write down: www.MakeMoneyLiveLife.com

2. Enter your name and email address on the top right of this page so that I can send you more information (including the password to my “BEFORE Joining Beachbody” page.)

3. Listen to my Beachbody MLM Business Opportunity FAQ Audio

4. Review the outline of my training blog (below) to see how we go above and beyond to help you make money by becoming a Beachbody Coach on our team.

Then, when you are ready to join us, simply follow the
“How To” instructions on my Become a Beachbody Coach

In the meantime, please feel free to call or email me with any questions you have. Thank you and I look forward to working with you.

Holly (and Jeff) Blochowitz
Beachbody “Top Coach” & Team Leaders

Check Out My:
“How to Make Money in the Beachbody MLM” 
Team Training Website…
becoming a beachbody coach

Beachbody MLM: Review Our Training Site

Becoming a Beachbody CoachBelow is a “sneak peek” at the “outline” of the Beachbody MLM Training Blog I provide for anyone is becoming a Beachbody Coach through me (or one of my downline team members – ONLY.)

However, from this post: You will NOT be able to watch any of my actual “Training Videos” (where I walk all of my new Beachbody Coaches through every single step outlined below); and, you will NOT be able to click on the each of the Beachbody MLM Business “training links” (that then provide step-by-step “written” instructions for each step as well!) But, my hope is that from the outline below, you will get a very good understanding of how detailed my Beachbody MLM training system is, and how I go above and beyond to make sure…those becoming a Beachbody coach through me, succeed quickly!

First: 3 Things You Must Know About My Beachbody MLM “Training System”
1. Once you join the Beachbody business, you will learn the information below one step at a time (through short videos and written instructions) so that you never get overwhelmed or wonder, “What should I do next.”

2. I am almost ALWAYS available by phone, email, or Facebook to help you & answer questions. Yes, seriously! I provide more one-on-one support than you will ever need – see what my Beachbody MLM Coaches say about me.

3. When you enroll a new Coach into the Beachbody MLM, you can plug them directly into my training system…so they too have access to all of my tips and secrets to building a thriving Beachbody business : )

View the Outline of My Beachbody MLM Team Training Site…

Getting Started & Setting Up Your Beachbody Business…


7 Day Quick Start Guide:

“When & How” to Go Emerald ASAP:
(So You are IMMEDIATELY Qualified to Receive Free Beachbody Customers for TWO full Months Right Out of the Gate!)

90 Days to Becoming a Diamond Beachbody Coach: (by Following 1 Step)

Set Up Your Beachbody MLM Business Profile & Websites:

Logging Your WOWY SuperGym Workouts Correctly:

Setting Up Your Beachbody MLM Email Address:

ALWAYS Use Videos with Prospects (Business & Customer):

Optional Beachbody Business Marketing System:

Domain Name Instructions:

Business Cards:

Your Direct Beachbody Links:

Building the Beachbody Business Opportunity “Correctly”…


Your Beachbody Confession (VITAL):

Why & How to Build Two Beachbody Coach Positions:

Success Club – Your #1 Goal EVERY Month:

Contacting & Connecting with Your Beachbody Customers:

Methods for Building the Beachbody Business:


Misc. Ways to Enroll Beachbody Coaches and Customers:

Beachbody Challenge: “Simplify Becoming a Success Beachbody Coach”:

Options for Starting a Beachbody MLM Blog:

Holly’s Best Blogging Tips:

Social Media: How to Earn $1,000/WEEK:

Beachbody MLM Quick References…


Coach Relations & Customer Support Contact Info:

Business Opportunity MLM Webinars:

Team Training Websites & Weekly Calls/Webinars:

Where to Buy Logo Wear (Shirts, Hats, etc.):

Your Beachbody Challenge Direct Links:

“Safe” Prospecting Websites You Can Use:

Our Nationwide LIVE Training Tour:

Ultimate Reset Resources & Info:

Blog Link Exchange (For Our Team ONLY!):

Beachbody Business FAQ’s & Helpful Tips…


Understanding Beachbody Commissions & Pay Schedule:

Following-up with & Closing Prospects:

How to Create a Customer Facebook Group:

How to Send an Ecard or Email to ALL of Your Customers:

Changing Home Direct Orders:

How to Build Your Beachbody Binary:

Explaining the Costs of Becoming a Beachbody Coach:

View the Coach Sign-up Process & Setting Your Preferred Placement:

When You Enroll a New Beachbody Coach:

Once You Enroll 2 Beachbody Coaches:

When Your Personal Coaches Enrolls their 1st Coach:

Super Foods in Shakeology & ALL of their Benefits:

Free Customers that are BIZ OP LEADS as well!:

Contacting Success Club “Biz Op”Leads:

Daily Schedule Example:

Best Options for People Who Want to Buy Shakeology:

How to Save $ on Shakeology (and Other Home Direct Products):

Overcoming Common Objections:

“Why” People Should Buy Beachbody’s MLM Products from YOU:

How to Earn with the Beachbody Club:

Selling to or Signing up “Existing” Beachbody Customers:

Email I Now Send All My New P90X Customers (Thanks Kenneth & Mike):

Tools & Resources for Building Your Beachbody Business…


Beachbody Challenge: “Simplify Being a Coach”:

Email Series for Customers & Facebook Posts:

Fit Club Training:

Free to Active Military: A Simple Way to Get to Diamond:

Non-Profit Organization Tools & Training:

Beachbody Flyers:

“How” to Use Beachbody MLM 3rd Party Tools:

How to Host a Beachbody Business Home Party:

Message Boards & Forums:

How to Sell Challenge Packs (Without Hosting a Challenge Group):

Brick & Mortar Businesses:

Lead Boxes:

Your Own Beachbody Facebook Online Store:

How to Run a Booth at a Health Fair or Business Expo:

So as you can see…
I am VERY serious about making sure YOU succeed
once you join the Beachbody MLM business on Team Unity!

Beachbody MLM

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