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Beachbody Business Opportunity: Ellen May

Ellen's Beachbody Business Opportunity I am an exercise physiologist and gymnastics coach and have been teaching children the joys of fitness and health for over 25 years.  Unfortunately, I have struggled with an eating disorder of Anorexia Nervosa since I was 13 years old, and after many battles with this illness, my husband convinced me that my only option was to make a change in my life or I was going to die.  It was a long, hard road, but once I was able to realize that skinny was not necessarily healthy, I was able to find a balance.

The struggles that I have had to endure, with ups and downs in my weight, as low as 102 lbs. and as high as 210 lbs. at one point, have taught me the importance of health as an overall balance.  I have now been at a comfortable weight for almost 6 years and I am working hard to maintain a healthy balance.

The Beachbody Business Opportunity has taught me to appreciate my curves and enjoy having muscles.  It has taught me that beauty comes from my inner strength and not from my outward appearance.  These lessons have been priceless, and I want to share it with the world.  I want to inspire, motivate and help everyone achieve their individual optimal health.  It is different for everyone, and by being a Beachbody Coach, I can do that by working with them to set and achieve goals, gain knowledge of health and wellness and help them to learn how to be patient with themselves.  My own personal victory has taught me to never give up and that anything is possible if you just believe and commit to the task at hand.

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Beachbody Coach Karl Granzow

Beachbody Business Opportunity per KarlThe first and foremost reason I joined the Beachbody Business Opportunity was because the program looked as if it would be a great fit to a healthy lifestyle, and that is very important to myself and my family.  With all of the different fitness training programs offered by the Beachbody Opportunity, I knew I was sure to find one that would fit perfectly for me. There are also many different supplements and products to keep me healthy and looking great. Currently I use Shakeology, Joint Support Formula, Core Cal Mag, and Core Omega 3.

Being a Beachbody Coach also gives me the opportunity to earn extra money. I am working on moving up the ladder in order to earn enough money on a monthly basis so that I am able to quit my J-O-B and still be able to enjoy life and have fun while doing it.

Now that I am in my seventies these two reasons are even more important, in that with Beachbody, I am able to keep my health and fitness while still supporting myself and my family in our later years.

I find the company to be very progressive in both developing new products and improving existing ones. In the short time I have been a Beachbody Coach, the company has produced several new products, including Shakeology. I am currently on the home direct plan with the chocolate flavor, which is the one I like best of the 3 flavors. The newest product – Derm Exclusive – is age-defying skin care. I’m sure it will become another top product for Beachbody.

I also love the idea that the company gives customers to their Beachbody Coaches, and once you are given a customer…he/she is your customer for life.  It’s just one more advantage to the Beachbody Business Opportunity and being a Coach!

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