make money by becoming a beachbody Coach There is nothing better than making money as a Beachbody Coach…

Except for meeting and helping amazing people along the way! Seriously, if someone had told me 10 years ago that I could make much more money staying home and helping people across the country improve their lives, I would have thought I had to get a PHD or something. But in reality, the only thing the Beachbody business requires is…that you have a desire to improve your life while helping others do the same. My decision to become a Beachbody Coach has changed my life so dramatically that I am now addicted to showing others how to do it as well.

Therefore, I want to show you just a couple of the emails/messages I have received (this week) from some of my Beachbody Coaches. My reason for showing them to you? I want those of you who who are still asking yourself, “Should I become a Beachbody Coach“…to know just how serious I am about helping you every step of the way.


Hi Holly,

I hope you are having a wonderful morning. I wanted to let you know
that the webinar is AWESOME, you have done a fantastic job, I am so
lucky to be part of your team.

Thank you for being so responsive!



I am very excited about the tools that you provide your team. They are really great! I want to make sure that I go through the process step-by-step so I know how to support my team the same way you do yours.

Alex P
“Live as your prayers are to be answered”.

Hi Holly,

First off, THANK YOU for all you do for us, your down line coaches. Specifically speaking, THANK YOU for helping me and caring for me. I know you are “my upline”, but I especially know that you really do care, and it is separate from the down line thing.

Happy Easter,


Thank you so much for being there, I do see how great it is to have a Team.

Thank you,

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Never in a million years did I think that people who decided to become a Beachbody Coach on my team, would become some of my best friends for life. But they are – and we would love to have you join us!
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