Best Beachbody Coach

Am I saying that I am the best Beachbody Coach?

Of course not, there are hundreds of great leaders in the Beachbody business.

However, I do think that the training I offer on building the Beachbody MLM, does go above and beyond what most Beachbody Coaches (who are not on my team) receive.

Therefore, please note that the ONLY reason I post these testimonials on my blog, is because I want those of you who are still asking yourself, “Should I be a Beachbody Coach“…to know how serious I am about helping you!

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Actual “Quotes” from My Beachbody Coaches…

Most are from emails I have received or from posts in my Private Team Facebook Group (which is ONLY open to those who become a Beachbody Coach on my team.) However, some are testimonials about the Beachbody business as well.

“Holly, what an unfair advantage you provide to your coaches! How can one fail with your systems-training-tools, support and the Beachbody Products?” – Anthony

“Good Morning! I just hung up with my customer and she ordered Ultimate Reset HD! We had a great talk! I can’t thank you enough for helping me but most of all for taking the time to SHOW me how you do it!” – Ellen

“I am now going through Training #3 – thank you for your advice! These training webinars are AMAZING, I really enjoy how thorough and personable you are. You have done a great job with these; I will keep you posted if I have any questions, but thus far you have answered all of my questions. I hope you are having a great weekend!!!!” – Evie

“I am really glad that I joined with you, I really believe that God has a plan and he brought me to you for a reason… Again, I am so grateful to be on your team.” – Robin

“Wow! Sounds great, you sound inspired and are so pro-active, a true leader! Glad to be on your team!” – Diana

“Sounds like you have a ton of information to share, which will be great. Again, thank you SOOOO much for doing this weekly call – You are truly AWESOME!!!” – Skip

“HOORAYYY… worked Holly….many,many thanks…Holly, you the man…uh…I mean WOMAN…LOL” – Ray

“Since joining Holly’s team with ZERO knowledge about the business beforehand, Holly and our team of Coaches have personally helped me through the daily questions that I need answers to and help with. The Team is phenomenal and works to find solutions to problems, answers to question and incentive ways to help both in the fitness realm and the financial realm. I am EXTREMELY fortunate to have come across Holly’s blog and started my Beachbody journey with her!” – David D.

“You are soooooooooooooo awesome!” – Paul

“Wow, if you’ve missed Holly’s 1pm (central time) call – you’re missing the good stuff! Thanks Holly for being up-front & up-beat, we’re lucky to be in your downline.” – Maura

“I got your email just as I was walking out the door and it meant so much to me! I wouldn’t have done any of this without your encouragement! SO glad I found you. You are an incredible leader!” – Ellen

“Less than 24 hours after Holly’s webinar I am friends with my newest Beachbody customer on Facebook, right after he signed up today. Girl, you rock!” – Tony

“Your energy and dedication has kept me excited about my business and keeps me on track. I really like your training webinars, they are always filled with nuggets of gold that I can use for my success!” – Renick

“I just wanted to take a second to let you know how fortunate I am to be in your downline. What an unbelievable opportunity we have with the Beachbody business! Thank you for your great leadership and all that you do for us!” – Mike

“I am impressed with the readiness and quick response I get from Holly when I ask for help. She exudes enthusiasm and believes in Beachbody’s products. I am so glad I have Holly to coach me. Thanks Holly!” – Janice

“I wanted to give you lots of praise about your call tonight. Each time you get better and better. So organized too!!! Just wanted to let you know. :)” – Amy

“What a refreshing experience it has been to work with someone so dedicated to her business and to her team. Holly is always there for us when we need help.” – Vicki

“…also, thank you for all of your updates and great trainings!” – Vessie

“…I am thrilled to be on your team, I look so forward to learning and earning together.” – Arlene

“You did a fantastic job on the flyers! Thanks for taking the time to do this. They are just excellent! – Marilyn

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