Beachbody business opportunityIt’s interesting, once I knew what clues to look for, or more importantly, to listen for…I found that almost every person I talked with was asking for help. Think about it, how often do you have a casual conversation that doesn’t include: Food, limited time, sleep, family, jobs, weight-loss, or money. Hundreds of conversations about these topic take place every where you go. If you just take time to listen, and be aware of what people want and need, opportunities will abound around you…

Here are some examples of what you will listen for, once you become a Beachbody Coach:

– “I have been so tired lately.”
– “I hate it being dark when I get off work now.”
– “If only I had their energy.”
– “I got a .50 cent raise!”
– “I don’t ever get up in time to make breakfast.”
– “My husband and I never see each other any more.”
– “I hate eating out of a lunch box.”
– “I need to lose ___ more pounds.”

Secondly, you would be shocked at how many people buy Shakeology, just because a Beachbody Coach…

– Wears a Shakeology shirt or hat.
– Carries a Shakeology Premium Shaker Cup.
– Walks around with a Greenberry shake so people ask, “What the heck you are drinking?”

And the same goes for all of Beachbody’s products. They are recognized by most, but asked about by almost everyone.

Of course I will teach you how to build a Beachbody business from the ground up (online or offline) but this post is just about realizing that even if you don’t change your daily life, you can make money as a Beachbody Coach.

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