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If you have a blog or website with SEO rankings for “fitness”, “lose weight” or “exercise” related keywords, you can make great money selling Beachbody products!

Plus, each workout program comes with a recommendation for taking Beachbody nutritional supplements monthly and for joining the Team Beachbody Club for a quarterly fee.
These sales are tied to YOU – which allows you to build a residual income.

Become a Beachbody Distributor:

– Only $40 to Join (Waived through December 31, 2010!)
– $15/month gives you full access to all of Beachbody’s Web tools (including the banners above)
– Earn a 25% commission on the retail sales price of Beachbody products
– Earn a 50% commission on the sales and renewals of Team Beachbody memberships


P90X sells for $119.85
Your commission will be $29.96 (Per Sale!)

To See Prices of Other Beachbody Products – Click Here

Click Here to Become a Beachbody Distributor

There is a full “Coaching” business opportunity, but, by joining at the $40 level
(and paying $15/mo) you are able to earn full retail commissions on all Beachbody products.

If You Have ANY Questions, Please Contact Me:

Holly Blochowitz

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