Beach body business opportunityBeachbody’s MLM opportunity offers a media-based customer lead program that is fueled by the desire to ensure that Beachbody customers have the greatest opportunity for success; and that Beachbody Representatives, who have shown an exceptional commitment to helping customers achieve their fitness goals, are rewarded for their efforts.

The Beachbody Customer Lead Program is Designed to:

– Attract more customers to join the Team Beachbody community for results oriented support.
– Direct new customers to individuals who are committed to the Beachbody business.
– Get the best return on media investment, for Coaches, and the company at large.

How does the Beachbody Customer Connection Program work?

All customers who say “Yes!” to either joining the Team Beachbody Club™ or to a free club membership by making a purchase, are assigned to a qualified Emerald or higher-ranking Coach.

Qualifications for Customers Given to You When You Become a Beachbody Coach

(Beachbody’s Customer Connection Program)

– *Emerald Rank (Only 1 step up from Coach!)
– Be an active Team Beachbody Club member: $2.99 a week, billed $38.87 quarterly in advance.
– Must have a completed profile page including a short bio and at least a before photo
– *Must have worked out “real time” in WOWY at least 8 times in the preceding 30 days.

* Beachbody Emerald Coach Qualifications

Be an Active Beachbody Coach and personally sponsor and maintain a minimum of two (2) Active Coaches, one on your right side and one on your left side.

Beachbody is committed to ensuring that all of their customers receive quality coaching focused on getting them results. They believe that once someone becomes a Beachbody Coach and achieves Emerald rank, as well as, participate in the most important activities that showcase real dedication to building a successful Beachbody home business, that they are then familiar enough with our programs and products to effectively coach a new customer.

* Real-Time WOWY Workouts

Basically, you must workout twice a week (anything from walking to P90X counts) and enter it online. Plus, each day you do this, you are entered into the daily drawing for $300-$1000.

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