Beachbody Business Opportunity per KarlThe first and foremost reason I joined the Beachbody Business Opportunity was because the program looked as if it would be a great fit to a healthy lifestyle, and that is very important to myself and my family.  With all of the different fitness training programs offered by the Beachbody Opportunity, I knew I was sure to find one that would fit perfectly for me. There are also many different supplements and products to keep me healthy and looking great. Currently I use Shakeology, Joint Support Formula, Core Cal Mag, and Core Omega 3.

Being a Beachbody Coach also gives me the opportunity to earn extra money. I am working on moving up the ladder in order to earn enough money on a monthly basis so that I am able to quit my J-O-B and still be able to enjoy life and have fun while doing it.

Now that I am in my seventies these two reasons are even more important, in that with Beachbody, I am able to keep my health and fitness while still supporting myself and my family in our later years.

I find the company to be very progressive in both developing new products and improving existing ones. In the short time I have been a Beachbody Coach, the company has produced several new products, including Shakeology. I am currently on the home direct plan with the chocolate flavor, which is the one I like best of the 3 flavors. The newest product – Derm Exclusive – is age-defying skin care. I’m sure it will become another top product for Beachbody.

I also love the idea that the company gives customers to their Beachbody Coaches, and once you are given a customer…he/she is your customer for life.  It’s just one more advantage to the Beachbody Business Opportunity and being a Coach!

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