how to make money by becoming a Beachbody CoachThe #1 reason people never complete a fitness program is because…they never start it. And, the main reason people never become a Beachbody Coach (even though they want to) is because they think they must have a “beach body” or be a fitness expert first. But in fact…just the opposite is true; here’s what the Beachbody Corporate website says:

No, you do not need to be a fitness or weight-loss expert
to become a Beachbody Coach. You just need to
be ready to commit to changing your life.

Therefore, no matter where you are in your health and fitness journey…you are at the perfect stage to become a Coach. My step by step training is set up in a way that you can go through it as fast or slow as you want; plus…I will help you every step of the way : )

The Two Benefits for Those Who Become a Beachbody Coach BEFORE Their Transformation:

1. You can save 25% on all of your monthly supplements, including if you buy Shakeology, the P90X Protein Bars and/or Results & Recovery Formula, all of Beachbody’s Vitamins and Minerals, and of course any of our top selling fitness programs.

2. As you start to lose weight, get toned (or ripped), and increase your energy, I guarantee that the people around you will start to notice and ask you questions. If you are going to endorse or refer Beachbody products, you might as well get paid for it and minimize the cost to become a Beachbody Coach. (If you purchase a Beachbody Challenge Pack, you can become a Beachbody Coach for free.)

Beachbody provides all of the resources…all you have to do is share Beachbody’s mission with others. Then, simply help them choose a Beachbody fitness program and/or supplement(s), direct them to the tools provided by the company, and offer them support and motivation.

Learn How to Become a Beachbody Coach

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