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How Chalene Johnson Helps You Build the Beachbody MLMWhen you become a Beachbody Coach, Chalene Johnson (Turbo Fire) will not only help you get your body in shape, but I will provide you with the tools she offers to help Beachbody Coaches make money and get their overall life in shape.

In fact, my Beachbody MLM team training system plugs you in to Chalene’s Social Media and Life-Balance workshops, but it also shows you how to use videos like the one below to show people why they should buy Shakeology.

Watch this Chalene Johnson Video Beachbody Coaches Use to Make Money

Take an inside look at the Beachbody businessHappy New Year, below are two things I want to share with you, in the hope that they will allow you to clearly see why the Beachbody Business is so amazing.

Yesterday was our first Quarterly Super Saturday Event, and I want you to watch the video Beachbody Corporate recorded for it. It will give you a VERY inside look at why I love this company so much…

Warning: The beginning is typical Beachbody Business humor!

Crazy inspiring video right??? And yep! You can join the Beachbody Business this year and be on that privately charter Cruise Ship with us in 2014.

Secondly, two of my team leaders are hosting our monthly Beachbody Business Opportunity Webinar, and on it we are GIVING AWAY 3 awesome prizes…

INSANITY: Retail Value $119.85
10-Minute Trainer: Retail Value $79.90
7 Day Supply of Shakeology: Retail Value $35

So join us to learn how the Beachbody business works, as well as, for your chance to win one of these amazing prizes. (FYI: For some reason my guests seem to win the prizes a lot!)

Beachbody Business Opportunity Webinar
Sunday Night, January 6th
7:00pm PT (8pm MT, 9pm CT, 10pm ET)
Attend at: www.instantpresenter.com/fitzfit1

When you are ready to join our team of “Top Beachbody Coaches” and get started,
follow the steps on the Become a Beachbody Coach page carefully.

Then, as soon as I receive your registration confirmation, I will send you a link to my step-by-step “Exactly How to Succeed” training website. Plus, I will be here to help you every step of the way : )

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