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Beachbody Business Rotator – Part 2

Rotator for the Beachbody BusinessBelow are the “Disclaimers” for the Team Rotator I offer to those who join the beachbody business through me…

My Beachbody Coaches Rotator is a Bonus & “Could” Be Discontinued

We do not ever plan on discontinuing the rotator, but it is important that you join our Beachbody Team because of the many “different” types of tools, trainings, and support we offer from many of the Top Coaches in all of Beachbody.

We Do NOT Guarantee that Beachbody Coaches will Be Personally Sponsored through You

We do not recommend you rely on our team rotator; instead, think of it as a bonus to one of the best Beachbody Teams you can join. Our team rotator is designed to help our members personally enroll Coaches, and provide widespread spillover, but this business is easy to share with everyone you know! We spend time and money to keep websites that point to this rotator, at the top of the search engines, and therefore do continually enroll Coaches through our team members; however, this means that we always have many people on our rotator. So do yourself a favor and take action to enroll as many people as you can on your own ASAP. Plus, look at this…

You Can Multiply this Bonus by Enrolling Others to Become a Beachbody Coach

ALL OF THE PEOPLE YOU ENROLL (ON YOUR OWN) CAN ALSO ADD THEMSELVES TO OUR TEAM ROTATOR …which in turn will MULTIPLY YOUR CHANCES at having Coaches added to your downline from the rotator. You can show this rotator site to your prospects to excite them, but MAKE SURE they don’t join through it. You want them to join directly through you, and then add themselves to the rotator through our private team training site. And, IF ONE OF OUR TEAM MEMBERS GAVE YOU THIS WEBSITE, DO NOT JOIN FROM HERE. Get back to them to join through THEIR LINK. Once you do, they will give you access to our team training site so you can immediately add yourself to this rotator.

Join the Best Beachbody Coaches

View the Requirements of My Beachbody Coaches Team Rotator

How to Become a Beachbody Coach On Our Team

become a beachbody coach through rotator

Are you ready to…

– Join one of the fastest growing Beachbody Teams?
– Partner with MANY of the Top Earning Beachbody Coaches?
– Have access to “Step-by-Step” training for the Beachbody Business?
– Benefit from all the new Coaches we enroll through our team members?

If so…

1. *Submit the form below

2. Click the “Confirmation Link” in the email you receive

3. Follow the 3 “Join Our Beachbody Team” Steps on the website that opens

* If you already submitted one of the forms on this blog, and you know how to get to our Team Rotator Blog, you can skip this form, and go there now to join us! (If you can’t remember the website, check the emails I sent you, or submit the form below.)

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me anytime!
I am excited to help you build a residual income through the Beachbody MLM!

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