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If you are interested in fitness for yourself, and find joy in helping others adopt a healthier lifestyle, then you need to become a Beachbody Coach. The benefits are almost endless; not only will you get in the best shape of your life, but you can make money while helping others improve their lives. Everybody wins! What could be better than helping yourself and others in the Beachbody business?

It is easy to be a Beachbody Coach. You simply tell people about the amazing Beachbody videos, and then make a commission when people buy them. There is no overhead, and you are not required to carry any inventory. Since you can set your own hours, it is the perfect opportunity for almost any schedule. Because of the nature of the business, Beachbody Coaches not only become more physically fit, but more financially fit as well.

Once you sign up, you receive the Game Plan Tools Kit and the Business Essentials Starter Program, which provide you with everything you need to get started running your own business! Signing up as a coach also gives you access to the Coach Online Office, as well as numerous online tools and guidance to help you get started. If at any time you decide you are no longer interested in being a Beachbody Coach, you can simply cancel your membership.

Because you set your own hours, you can work as much or as little as you like. Many coaches have worked enough to make significant amounts of money, even enough to get out of debt or buy a new car.

You want a business that fits your beliefs and lifestyles, and if you are into fitness, being a Beachbody Coach is perfect for you. With the hours you set for yourself, your schedule can accommodate both you and your clients. So stop waiting and consider this opportunity now!

Tips & Tools for Existing Beachbody CoachesI started my Beachbody business when I was still working full-time (with two kids), so I know it is more than possible for anyone to succeed by becoming a Beachbody Coach.

Unfortunately I can’t allow Beachbody Coaches who are NOT in my downline access to my step-by-step training site, or provide “personal” one-on-one help (since there aren’t enough hours in the day), but I am happy to pass along the tips and tools listed below…

Triple Resource: A Complete Marketing System for Beachbody Coaches:

Learn How it Works: http://dothistoday.tripleresource.com/getsite.html
View Mine: http://dothistoday.tripleresource.com/

However…in my opinion, the only way to build a business these days is online, and the one thing that has completely changed my business (and income) is blogging. I would even go so far as to say that 98% of my sales and enrollments come from my two blogs – which is probably how you found me : ) Blogging is the one thing that I believe allows Beachbody Coaches to make as much money as they want, with a minimal amount of time (once they get it all set up), and that is easy to keep going for years and years to come. Therefore, here is the blogging course and tools that I recommend to my own new Coaches – it is sort of hypey for my taste, but it was developed by a very successful Beachbody Coach and the content of the course is amazing. It literally “walks you through” every thing you need to do to set up and build a professional SEO blog…

Gravity Formula Blog Course for Beachbody Coaches:

Watch the Video!!! And Read the Emails: https://zi983.infusionsoft.com/go/free/dothistoday/

Example of a Beachbody Business Blog Built Using this Course:

Additional Tools You Will Need to Build an EFFECTIVE Beachbody Blog:
Aweber Optin Forms & Auto-Responder System
Host Gator Hosting

I recommend my Beachbody Coaches use the Triple Resource Marketing System (above) in conjunction with their blog, instead of the marketing/sales pages Beachbody gives us. Basically, Triple Resource is a complete marketing system that was specifically designed for Beachbody Coaches. Here’s why I like it…

– Much easier to share a direct link from it, than it is from our corporate websites
– Each “Product Page” has a video, unlike our corporate websites
– Great capture pages you can use on YouTube, Facebook, etc.
– *Complete auto responder system with pre-written emails
– Banners you can post on your blog or elsewhere
– Optin Widget that you can place your blog
– Prospect tracking system
– Enroll 5 and it’s free

Again, you can view my Triple Resource Website at: http://dothistoday.tripleresource.com/
And you can learn how it works, or get one of your own at: http://dothistoday.tripleresource.com/getsite.html

I truly hope these tips and tools help those of you who already made the decision to
become a Beachbody Coach (but don’t happen to be on my team.)

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