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The people who join Team Beachbody through me ROCK.
As you will see in this thread that I copied out of our Private Team Facebook Group, they inspire and encourage me as well. What a blessing it is to help these individuals make money through the Beachbody business opportunity

Kenneth Peavie
Let’s remember that we are a team. This will not work for you if you never take the time to look in YOUR Back Office to see what is in there. Holly Blochowitz spends an enormous amount of time breaking things down for us. This is not the norm for most coaches. No matter how long we have been in Network Marketing and or Beachbody, lets not take her or her time for granted. As Business Partners and CEO’s, we need to constantly work on being better in all phases of our lives. If you must vent, take it to messages. This is not the place to be anything other than proffessional, uplifting and supportive to each other. ♡ Coach KP
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Tricia Ray Claiborne: ‎Holly Blochowitz is unlike anyone any coach i have ever known. She truly cares about each and every one of us. I love her and appreciate all she does and she does a lot. She wants to see each of us succeed.
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Ryan Warfel: YES!!!
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Cathy Ennett: Holly is amazing, I am so thankful for everything she does for us!
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John Desenberg: Holly is the best. At super Saturday I sat next to a woman who has been floundering around since last november. No game plan, no leadership, no system You could just see the frustration on her face.
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Alex Paim: Agreed!
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Holly Blochowitz: Thank you Ken, after all these years it still amazes me that you always know when when I need a boost or reassurance : ) I truly appreciate your thoughtfulness and pep talks. Thank you everyone for your kind words.
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Scott McClymonds: Holly is an inspiration to me…as are the rest of you guys!
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Tripp Hanson: Yep…anyone who knows anything in this group HAS to admit that Holly Blochowitz is the shining exception to the typical (read: unavailable, unresponsive!) upline mentor.

I am so blessed!

Becoming a Beachbody Coach for Free

“Details”, “Clarifications” & “Instructions”
On How to Become a Beachbody Coach for Free
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– Trial Offer Ends July 31, 2012
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IMPORTANT Clarifications…

If upfront expense is NOT an issue, then I recommend you skip the “Trial Offer” and just purchase a regular Challenge Pack. Here’s why…

– You have MANY more fitness programs to choose from, as well as, The Ultimate Reset
– The $39.85 Coach fee is waived with ALL Challenge Packs
– The $14.95 Shipping fee is also waived if you do NOT select the Trial Offer option

Free Trial Offer Instructions…
(Read ALL of them BEFORE Continuing)

1. Click on “Yes, I want to become a Beachbody Coach

2. Make sure it says: “Yes, I want Jeff (or Holly) Blochowitz to be my Beachbody Coach” at the bottom of the application (first page, directly above “Terms & Conditions”) BEFORE you submit it

3. After you submit the New Coach Application, click on “No thanks” at the bottom of the regular Challenge Pack Page that opens. A new page will then appear that offers you the Challenge Pack “Trial Offer.”

4. Complete your enrollment, and as soon as I receive your registration confirmation, I will send you a link to my step-by-step “Exactly How to Succeed” training website.

I will be here every step of the way, helping you building a successful Beachbody business : )

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