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UPDATE! Click Here to View the “NEW” Costs…

Costs to Join the Beachbody Business &
to Make Money as a Beachbody Coach

As more and more people learn that Beachbody has a home based business opportunity, I am increasingly asked questions such as…

What does it cost to join the Beachbody home business opportunity?
What are the ongoing expenses of the Beachbody opportunity?
What are the different Beachbody Starter Packs?
What is the PV (Personal Volume) required in the Beachbody MLM?
Where can I see the Beachbody Compensation Plan?

Therefore, I want to explain the answers to each of these questions…

The Costs to Become a Beachbody Coach

(These are no longer valid, please click the link above for the current information.)

*50-90 PV (Personal Volume) is required to be “Active” and/or to qualify for the Customer Connection Programs.

Basic Starter Pack: $39.95 and then $14.95/month

This allows you to earn retail commissions on Beachbody products; you can sell P90X, sell Shakeology, or any of their other workout DVDs or nutritional supplements.

However, there are other packages that you can choose to buy when you join the Beachbody business, that give you a discount on the products and tools that will help you build the business. Below I have listed the approximate costs and ongoing expenses of two of the most popular Beachbody Starter Packs (which include the $39.95 one-time fee)…

Shakeology Starter Pack: Approximately $170

Future Monthly Costs:
$14.95 Business Service Fee
$90 for Shakeology
$40 Quarterly for the Club

Diamond Starter Pack: Approximately $700

Future Monthly Costs:
$14.95 Business Service Fee
$90 for Shakeology
$15 (Unless you cancel Tony Horton One On One)
$99 Annually for the Club (Starts 1 year after you join – NO Quarterly fee!)

Challenge Starter Packs: Prices Vary

View the Contents of the Beachbody Challenge Packs

Future Monthly Costs:
$14.95 Business Service Fee
$90 for Shakeology
$40 Quarterly for the Club

Learn More about the Beachbody Starter Packs and the Complete Details of the Team Beachbody Customer Connection Programs at: www.FitnessBringsFreedom.net

View a Video Explanation of How You Earn Money with Beachbody’s Business Opportunity

View the Official Team Beachbody Policy and Procedures and Compensation Plan

I hope this help you in your decision but as always, please let me know if you have any questions!

I am ready to help you if you are ready to Join My Team

The CEO of Beachbody was given the opportunity to have dinner with President Obama!

Here is what he had to say about it…

” Later this week I will have to share a more complete description of how it went
when Jon and I met Obama. I’ll also talk about it in Chicago and Dallas for those
who can join us. But let’s just say, sometimes things happen in a career
that you never saw coming – and this was one of them. Team Beachbody,
we are on the right track!

Beachbody’s MLM Opportunity…is truly changing people’s lives!

Every week, I read the quote and scripture below that was sent to me by my good friend and Beachbody team leader, Gwen Anderson. It reminds me of how important it is to have an home based business that I know God will bless. AND…it keeps me from being tempted to even look at any other MLMs (most of which I know would not be pleasing to Him.)

“The pressure will come to convince you to do something that you neither want to do nor have been moved by My Spirit to do. Stand your ground without wavering, and do not give in to anything that causes stress or has a sense of urgency about it. For, the enemy wants you to be distracted from an important chain of events that will produce greater spiritual power and benefit as you continue in the flow of My wisdom and blessings, says the Lord.”

Galatians 5:1
Stand fast therefore in the liberty by which Christ has made us free, and do not be entangled again with a yoke of bondage.

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