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Beachbody businessBetween my husband and I, we have sold almost $1000 worth of Beachbody products this month. But what’s amazing…is that 80% of those sales came from customers who were GIVEN to us through Beachbody’s Customer Lead Program.

And right now, the FREE customers are coming in like crazy! We are both getting a new customer every other day; so, between us, we have a new Beachbody customer EVERYDAY. This pace will probably continue through mid-Summer (but even during the “off” months, we were each receiving 2-3 new FREE customers a week.)

We Will Help YOU Make Money as a Team Beachbody Coach

It really is incredible and Beachbody’s business opportunity is one that I am so proud to be a part of. Not only is Beachbody “hands down” the best company to make money from home with, but I know without a doubt that when I sell P90X or Shakeology (or any Beachbody product) to someone, that I am doing THEM a favor – not the other way around.

Learn How Beachbody’s Home Business Opportunity Works…

Learn How I Will Help You Make Money with Beachbody’s Business Opportunity
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Work from home in the Beachbody businessIn order to understand “how” you can make money in Beachbody’s business opportunity, you must first know this…

Beachbody spends 100 Million Dollars a year in television, radio, print and online advertising to bring in up to 50,000 new customers EVERY WEEK. They then, GIVE these new customers to qualified Beachbody Coaches through their Customer Lead Program!

This of course will help you sell Beachbody’s products; but…how will it help you personally sponsor other Beachbody Coaches in order to build a large team and residual income?

Well, get this…Beachbody’s “Top Coach of the Year” for 2010 came to join the business opportunity as one of the customers who was GIVEN to a qualified coach FOR FREE. That’s right, the number one producer for Beachbody’s home business last year was GIVEN to his sponsor! But, it gets even better…once this “Top Coach of the Year” started receiving free customers from the company, he started sending all of them a weekly update (encouraging) email. And that is how he is now making a huge Beachbody coach income! You might be asking, “Is this just a fluke or a lucky rare occurrence?” No, not at all…the majority of the current top earners in Beachbody came in as customers!

So, How Can You Use this Knowledge to Build a Team and
Residual Income in Beachbody’s Home Business Opportunity?

Join Our Team of Top Beachbody Coaches & We Will…

1. Show you several ways to quickly become qualified for Beachbody Customers to be given to you.

2. Show you how to communicate with and help the customers (prospects) who are then given to you

3. Teach you to show others how simple Beachbody’s business is…thanks to the Customer Lead Program!

The sooner you start, the sooner you can get qualified for the Customer Lead Program.

And…the sooner you could be GIVEN the next “Beachbody Top Coach” or even just other customers who buy products from you or become a Beachbody Coach and build the business under you!