Beachbody Business Opportunity Expenses and CommissionsYesterday I was asked two great questions about the costs and commissions associated with being an affiliate or distributor of Beachbody products. I want to share my answers here so that others can learn and benefit from them as well…

1) What are the ongoing expenses of running a Beachbody Coaching Business?

Through January 7th, the $39.95 fee to join as a Beachbody Coach is being waived. Therefore, if you simply want to be an affiliate or distributor of Beachbody products (so that you can sell P90X, Insanity, Shakeology, etc.) the only cost to earn commissions on retailing the products would be $14.95 a month (starting 30 days after you join.)

The only other costs involved are only required if you want to build the MLM aspect of Team Beachbody (which for me, is the best part of the business opportunity.) In order to earn cycling bonuses on your downline, you must be an Active Emerald. Active means you have bought (or sold) 50 PV in the last 35 days and Emerald means that you have personally sponsored 2 Active Coaches. So, if you don’t sell 50PV of product each month you would have to buy it in order to stay Active. (But, you would receive the Beachbody product(s) of your choice!)

Plus, by building a team and becoming an Active Emerald, you can also qualify to have customers GIVEN to you from the company. One of the requirements for Beachbody’s Customer Lead Program is that you must be a Club Member. Therefore, you would also have the minimal expense of the Club Membership which is $39/quarter (or about $3 a week.)

So, the most it would cost you is less than $80 a month; and, if you sell 50 PV it could even cost you less than $30 a month to be a part of one of the fastest growing, top MLM companies.

2) What are the retail commissions that a Beachbody Coach earns?

– 15-25% Commission on the Retail Sales Price of Beachbody Products
(15% on Sales to Club Members and 25% on Sales to Free Members)

– 50% Commission on the Sales and Renewals of Beachbody Club Memberships
(Club Memberships are $38.87/Quarter)


P90X Sells for $119.85
– Your Commission to a Free Member will be $29.96 (Per Sale!)
– Your Commission to a Club Member will be $17.98 (Per Sale!) But, you would also earn $19 every 3 months on their Club Membership dues!

I hope this makes sense, but if you have any questions about Beachbody’s business opportunity, please send me and email or give me a call!

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